WWDC 2017 Highlights – HomePod, iMac Pro, iOS 11, iPad Pro, High Sierra

What’s going on guys it’s Gaurav, WWDC 2017 just wrapped up I’m going to go over my top highlights of the amount now there’s a favorite just things that I was really excited about so let’s get into it so.

  1. Watch OS:

Seems like another major refinement in the watch platform and a new workout pane being able to scroll through your workouts a lot more effectively being able to pull up music directly from a workout that is massive because of new watch faces that weird one was kind of asked by the Toy Story ones about that life now one of the really cool things about the Apple watch update is actually its integration to work with equipment in gyms so being able to use NFC to pair with gym equipment to actually track heart rate incline things like that from the Machine you’re on and bring that information into the watch that is super fly.

2. Mac OS:

Now Mac OS have its new name high Sierra now likely watch OS 4 software it’s really about refinement now some of the big things that I took away from this was a new Apple file system which got updated because it’s been the same for like 30 years even though it was good up until now showing a demo of how it will duplicate files and how fast and efficient it is.

3. iOS 11:

You can see if Siri actually lives up to the hype but based on what they’re telling us there you should have a massive upgrade and we have heard these new voices which sound so much better it also Maps a cool upgrade as far as internal mapping from malls airports that’s so brilliant and a do not disturb while driving feature which is pretty dope probably one of the coolest things about high OS 11 is the ability now to pay people with Apple pay which is a really built a lot of other applications like PayPal allows you to do this but now you can use it with your own bank cards that aren’t associated with these applications verify with touch ID I’m digging it and you send it to a text message like done I’m good at salute and the cool thing about it that adds to look like a gift card slash credit card in your wallet and you can either pay with that for other stuff you can move it to your bank account oh my go fill in this and I like that my favorite feature was probably a are kid I’m not a developer but what you’re able to do with AR and where I think AR is going in the future to be able to see these tools live in action on stage it this is big stuff guys this is game changer stuff so next five years AR look out it’s coming we’re here the future is.

3. MacBook Pros:

It’s so awesome now we did not see a ram upon these computers but we did see performance upgrades which is  always welcome now the iMac this is interesting so both 4k and 5k automatic it’s newer displays we get two thunderbolt three ports alongside four USB type eight ports that’s an interesting move, Apple now we get 64 gigabytes of RAM that we can actually upgrade in shop that’s dope but now the big ones the one that we’ve been waiting for the iMac throne now while some of these details on the iMac pro are still obviously sacred this 18 core option this could be the i9 that was just announced by Intel and if that is the case this can be extremely accepted up to 128 gigabyte of 2666 DDR4 oh my god this is not a Mac Pro this is an iMac so I don’t even want to know what they want to do with the Mac Pro in the future like.

4. iPad:

I’ve got some new iPad pros as well ten point to share with you iOS 11 bring to the iPad the drag-and-drop the new multitasking the files app this is a win I’m in there I love the new keyboard we have multi language keyboards out there people that don’t just speak English and finally we have some kind of sleeve that has a a potential slot how thoughtful but that’s a splay the 120 Hertz refresh rate yes which means the latency on the Apple pencil drops to 20 milliseconds it was already awesome.

5. HomePod:

You have the whole pod now this is going to be something that you’re just going to have to hear like seeing the technology seeing what it can do is one thing speakers are so subjective if you get the optimal sound built in Siri integration now if it’s based off of the machine learning stuff that we’re learning from the aisle has Siri built into it as well and based off what we’ve seen of what Syria is supposedly capable of doing now this could be a really awesome combination between a smart home device and a speaker now one thing they didn’t clarify is that it’s set to one Apple ID can you set it to multiple Apple IDs and will it recognize different voices.

Disclaimer: All the images in this has been taken from Google Images, Image credits goes to their original respective.

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