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What if cousins fall in love?


Today is yet another topic nobody have talked about publicly or whenever we have some feelings like this so we can’t express in our society because it’s an taboo in our society, because of this it’s very rare you’ll find two cousins as a partner but what is the story behind this? Is it common to have relation with cousin?, Is it legal?, Will our community accept us?,What problem we have to face, if we told parents?  There are lots of question in your mind i know and today you’ll get all your answers here in my post.

We’ve seen several times in television serials many unusual relationships being exposed and this cousins being in love is one of them but what happen when it come into the picture of the real world? Where some communities allows or accept this relationship and on the other side it is very difficult to survive in the community we live, as we all know our society one side people don’t have any relation with each other nobody have time, on the other side they can make your life hell as well. Although it’s the most difficult situation to imagine relation between first cousins as they consider as siblings so however the feeling of love lost itself.

Now why do people fall in love with their cousins?

people usually will fall in love with a cousin or other family member due to the deep connection they share.


Sometime you find your cousin attractive because of it you feel that you’re falling in love on this time you have calm and think that sometime feeling of love might not be true, the real love is very important, you may feel that the guy/girl you want you’ve found in a form of cousin but let me tell you it can be happen while the hormone changes and feelings might get changed after some time so don’t act on it, be patient.

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What not to do?

Beware if you just have crush on your cousin don’t let it revial or don’t act otherwise your this kind of love feelings may cause lot of controversies between two families.

What to do?

Try to find someone else, i know it’s quite difficult but it can help you to move on and won’t cause you to have emotion for your cousin, as soon you’ll find your partner or boyfriend that will be much better then to have so much mess. May be possible sometimes when you meet your cousin on any family occasion you may feel again that feeling so what you just have to do just take a break give some time to yourself you can read one of my post “Are you in a relationship and have feelings for your old friend?” you also can get some tips from this post. how you can take sharp decision for your future.

What if i still in love?

Now if you really think that you’re in love then i would suggest you take some time sometimes it’s hard to tell if you have only crush, feeling should be come from both sides if you said then you may will not get the same feeling in return but you’ll surely get one who can treat in a much better way.

 Is it wrong to love cousin?

There is nothing wrong in loving your cousin or having crush it happens to lot of peoples and it’s not a abnormal thing or doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you.And remember this is not the end if you didn’t get into the relationship with your cousins don’t think that he/she’s in the world whom you loved like crazy in our life.

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