Web Series Review : Little Things 2

From the beginning of Little Things season 1 I am their big fan.I’m following Mithila Palkar since so long.So when the season 1 was launched I was pretty excited.

After the success of their season 1; Dice Media decided to release season 2. Now in season 2 The series is starring Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar with the same chemistry with lots of various situations where they’re trying to figure out the solution of their relationship and life but meanwhile they also find happiness in the little things.

So if you’ve havn’t watched the season 1 first I recommend to watch it as it’s free and available on YouTube.

Little Things Season 1

Story: It begins with Kavya and Dhruv in which Dhruv is struggling to keep up with his job.He left his Phd in between and he started focusing on his tuition podcasts.Just on the another hand Kavya is successful in her career and her job is going well.

Series starts where this couple having Dhruv’s childhood friend at their home who brings Dhruv’s favourite sweet from Delhi and lot of childhood memories with him. He is in Mumbai for couple of days so they decided to show him some of the places in Mumbai. Meanwhile things happen where Dhruv realized that you don’t have to agree what all your friends have to say,but it’s okay to continue your friendship with them.

Just after that there’s a sequel where Dhruv leaves his job because he is getting irritated with it and just on the another hand Kavya is promoted. And this is the moment in which they had very intense conversation in which they discussed that they are growing up,things are getting change and they also have to work accordingly for their better future.

Everything got settled out just for the temporary basis.In one of Dhruv’s friend’s wedding somewhere out of Mumbai they were chilling.Enjoying the wedding vibes and again they had a fight in a hotel room damn it, it was so intense seriously and the acting is so amazing by both of them.

So they ended up all this at the end of that wedding and Dhruv bring Kavya to one of the old place they used to visit and their both of them realized the facts , mistakes, talked about how they gonna deal with it. And this is how the little things 2 ended!Teaching us that changes may come and go in your life but how you deal with it and keeping your relation along with it also with some little things that makes you happy.

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