Thursday, April 15, 2021
Web Series Review

TVF Original – Gullak | Web Series Review

There are millions of people in India who live within the confinements of a rural household, sharing limited space. Eventually, a nonchalant closeness develops within the said family. They laugh, eat, watch TV, cry, celebrate – do everything together. Gullak is a collection of disarming and relatable tales of the Mishra family. Join Santosh and Shanti Mishra, their sons Annu and Aman, as they savour the many flavours of a small-town life with a smattering of humour, with and of course, ladleful’s of love.

‘Gullak’ explores the lives of the family, with a collective emphasis on the emotions, wit, and laughter shared by them. The family struggles to save for the future, with different priorities set for each. For instance, they visibly fight over which vehicle to buy – a motorbike, or a scooter. But through all thick and thin, the family sticks together. And triumphs on.

What makes this Web Series So Beautiful :

‘Gullak’, with its portrayal of ordinary relatable characters, curates a beautiful story of a middle-class family. The theme and the setup of the series work well for the show. It showcases the many narratives that take place in a small town in North India. The authenticity of the Mishra family’s emotions, struggles, and relationships with each other, enhances the series’ attraction towards the audience. Whether it’s to argue over how to pronounce the word “inverter”, or whether to put underclothes in the washing machine, the adorableness of it all gives the series a sweet and real texture. The series does a great job in touching a common man’s heart with the simple theme of family. It may be simple, but it works wonders. So what doesn’t work? Nothing, you tell us.

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