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Top 5 Punjabi Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime

Top 5 Punjabi Movies in 2020

Punjabi movies are really fun to watch anytime, anywhere in any setuation. It will set your mood up, Now don’t say that you don’t understand punjabi language. It’s been years now we all are listing to punjabi music all the time. And most of songs in our playlist is punjabi isn’t it?

Let’s get started with some of our favorite Punjabi movies are available on Amazon Prime to watch.


Ammy Virk & Jasmin Bajwa starring punjabi movie Sufna is one of the popular punjabi movie this year. It’s a story of Jeet a guy who is free-spirited youth in the village, but he do not have any goals in life. But his life changes, when he meets Teg, a beautiful young girl from another village. And how the girl impacts his life and make him find what he want to be is really delight to watch.

Watch It Here: Sufna 2020

Ardab Mutiyaran

Sonam Bajwa is too hot to watch, We’re not kidding her one instagram post make buzz all around the world. Sonam Bajwa is so popular among youth.

In this movie Bajwa is playing the role of Babbu. Who is a bold and independent woman but when she gets married to a man who is dominated by his sisters-in-law, she struggles to live on her own terms. We also have Ninja playing as Vicky Ahuja, His acting will give you so much laugh.

Watch It Here: Ardab Mutiyaran 2019

Chal Mera Putt

This movie have very good ratings and a great story line of six illegal immigrants from India and Pakistan in total living in Birmingham experience difficulties, but find solidarity in their shared quest for a residence card. The movie will give you mood swings in 2hrs of time, Amrindar Gill as Jindar confusing chemistry with Savy played by Simi Chahal. And it will make you laugh out loud and also make you so emotional that you feel like crying. Also Chal mera putt released this year 13 March 2020.

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Watch It Here: Chal Mera Putt 2019


Before Sufna, Muklawa was the another hit from Ammy Virk. Normally Muklawa is to bring back the bride after marriage. It all Started from the days of child marriage. On that time parents used to marry their kids at the age of 2–6 Years. Post marriage the grooms family used to go back to their home but without the bride.

Same here after Shinda played by Ammy Virk gets married to Taaro played by Sonam Bajwa, he must wait for a certain period of time to meet her due to an old custom called ‘Muklawa’.

All this relegious things is not a peice of cake for Shinda and how he tries to meet Taaro is fun to watch.

Watch It Here: Muklawa 2019


Shadaa basically means bachelor in Punjabi. Daljit Dosanjh & Neeru Bajwa Starring this film is a usual story of two people falling in love and getting married.

In short in this movie Daljit who is playing a character name Chadta, His parents desperately want him to get married and And Chadta relieves to his family thathe finally meets a girl. However, things take a turn when the girl says she does not believe in marriage. And Chadta turns into a forever bachelor mode and the film ends decently.

Watch It Here: Shadaa 2019

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So guys that it is for now. we shared our Top 5 Punjabi Movies that we recommend to watch on Amazon Prime. Please write down in the comments below your favorite movie from the list above, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles are right below the post. Also please support us by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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