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Top 5 FREE Web Series On YouTube [Dice Media]

free hindi free web series

With another extention of lockdown and have already done with all the series available on various platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar Etc.

So now here we are bringing some of the best web series which are available for free on YouTube. And these web series are from the house of Dice Media.

You must have watched Little Things on Netflix, If not you can also check our review on it and also can watch it’s 1st season on YouTube for FREE.

Well it was a complimentary start to give you the brief this house have so much more to serve you for FREE via their YouTube Channel,After Little things success this house continuously making short web series.

Therefore so lets get started and see what are the various web series they have which are amazing Storyline, phenomenal screenplay with the internet sensation faces like Ayush Mehta and Dhruv Sehgal.

Operation MBBS

Opration MBBS is a story of three first year students – Huma(MAIIMS), Sakshi & Nishant in one of the prestigious collage in the country.

All the three characters have diffrent backgrounds and based on it the way they do dialogue dilevry is a delight to watch.


It’s a short series of 5 episodes and the story of four friends who works in a same office and all of them is having a long distance relationships, The friendship of these guys is all about Dil, Chill and Thrill and they named it Brochara!

Bae Control

What if can control your bae using a mobile app. Isn’t it something fishy? Yes, it is but the dice media perfectly captured it in this web series.

Vedika and Shyam are a couple standing on the precipice of a breakup. As a last ditch effort, they visit Doctor Mohini Kumar, a relationship councillor. She offers them a revolutionary new solution we have just talked about.

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Please Find Attached

What if your office female colleague became your flatmate? Well it’s a web series of two Awww couples Sharya played by Ayush Mehta & Sanya played by Barkha Singh. They just looks so perfect together.

This is a story of these guys who are trying to find right balance between their work and personal lives. They constantly struggle to find the right work life balance. Can they work it out?

Home Sweet Office (HSO)

It’s another time worthy web series from the makers of Little Things. Again featuring Barkha Singh seems like she has a permanent contract with Dice Media, Well! Just kidding.

So it’s a story of cousins Adhira and Shagun, two highly creative individuals who decide to start their own business of candid wedding films and quirky wedding merchandise. The interesting startup problems they face is the most important to watch in this web series.

So guys that it is for now our filtered content from dice media. Please write down in the comments below your favorite web series from the list above, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles right below the post. Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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