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Top 10 – Indian Web Series That Make Sense

We’re in the Mid of 2018.

And here i would like to share some of the indian gems I’ve alrady watched and really liked it and want you guys to watch and experience thank me later so here we go with the list of top 10 web series…

1. Inside edge :

Inside Edge is the story of the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Powerplay League. Set in a landscape of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money, and power are mere means to an end, Inside Edge is a story that pulls no punches, minces no words, and takes no prisoners. Come witness the game behind the game.
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2. Bose: Dead/Alive :

The man. The legend. The mystery. He fascinated us in life, and long after his “death”. This is the story of India’s biggest cover-up: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the mystery of his alleged death.

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3. Breathe :

Breathe is an Indian drama that explores the lives of ordinary men faced with extraordinary circumstances. Kabir (Sadh), a brilliant but non-conventional officer of the Crime Branch, puts the pieces together of seemingly unconnected deaths that lead to an unlikely suspect – the affable Danny (R.Madhavan). Kabir will not stop till he cracks the case and delivers justice..

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4. Rise :

Shrey, an IT guy is elated with joy on buying his dream bike. Life takes a U-turn for him when he is asked to leave from his job on the same day. This web series is about Shrey’s self realization and his perspective towards life in general.

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5. It Happened In Hong Kong :

It Happened in Hong Kong is a mini-series that explores the small big moments that happen when you travel and open up to new experiences including meeting strangers. Over a Solo trip Amol and Aahana end up meeting accidentally and hit it off from the minute go, but their beautiful journey with newfound lingering feelings comes to an abrupt pause as their personal life knocks on their rediscovered selves. Does every story have an ending? will they get closure over theirs? or their story is eternal one that starts new beginnings – Watch Aahana and Amol as they let their story happen in Hong Kong.

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6. TVF Inmates :

Inmates is about a bunch of youngsters, each with their own set of ambitions and “morals”. It follows the life of these friends trying to make it big and figuring themselves out in the process.

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7. TVF Bachelors | Season 2 :

After the success of 1st season of TVF Bachelors Team TVF released it’s 2nd season in Baahubali Style, and named it Bahubully and its seriously hillarious.

8. Life Sahi Hai | Season 2 :

The boys are back, and with them, a lot of laughter and some trouble. After leaving us begging for more at the end of Season 1, producers Luv Ranjan and Ankur Garg, along with creator Tarun Jain, return with Season 2 of Life Sahi Hai on web platform ZEE5. And judging by the trailer, we can tell you that a hilarious ride is in store.

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9. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Hamare :

Ronny’s whole life is based on a lie. To the world he is the nephew of the local MLA and a youth leader who solves people’s problems. But in reality, Ronny is a jobless 25 year old with no relation to the MLA who shares his surname. The show explores Ronny’s adventures as he gets stuck in multiple situations because of this lie.

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10. Official CEOgiri (Season 2 of Offical Chukiyagiri) : The “Drone”acharya CEO comes out of hiding and he’s going fully bonkers. He has two months to save his company. Will he, won’t he ?

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This is the wrap, now you’re all set to have a great weekend or a month now, If you like all of these share it with your friends and if i missed out something which is not covered in this article let me know and share in the comment box below. If you’re unable

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