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The Platform | Movie Review & Detailed Analysis

The new movie the platform which made it’s debut on Netflix on 20 March 2020. Technically, it came out in Spain last year and played at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he won the People’s Choice Award for Midnight Madness. I feel like right now, we all need a lot more entertainment in our lives, and before i start, i would like to give you fair warning, but I’m not quite sure if this is the best movie to watch right now. Or the worst, because this is a hardcore graphic genre film that does have a lot of interesting ideas at play and a lot of interesting conflicting messages.


You essentially have this prison called the hole. And in the hole, there’s an unknown number of levels. And on each level, you have two prisoners. And everyday this platform lowers level by level. And in theory, the platform should have enough food for everybody to get their fair share, and for everybody to live with a certain degree of security, comfort, etc. But because people are people, they take what they want, and leave the leftovers for the next level down. But the wrinkle that makes this movie so interesting is that at the end of every month, you get gassed and you and your roommate gets sent to another level. So if you’re on level two initially and eating like a king, you might be on level 100 and living off glass and metal The following month.

And the reason I said this movie might either be the best movie to watch right now, or the worst because we aren’t dealing with scarcity of certain essential resources. Case in point the videos of people getting in fist fights over toilet paper. If a giant stack of toilet paper were placed on this platform in the movie, it would not make it all the way down. This is a Spanish language movie and on Netflix it’s also available on english dubbed version. But some of the reviewers are saying if you watch this movie, Do yourself a favor.

If and when you watch this, choose to watch it in the original Spanish with English subtitles, you will have a much richer experience with much better acting and much better performances. And if you’re one of those people that doesn’t like to read subtitles, all I’ll say is that this movie is only 94 minutes long. It has tons of gruesome violence, so don’t worry, the amount of reading you’ll be required to do is minimal at most.


The director’s name of this movieis Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. It’s his first feature film he has directed shorts, and the screenplay is by Zorion Eguileor as Trimagasi along with them Antonia San Juan, Emilio Buale Coka, other stars of the movie who holds everything together as the character of Goreng his name is asIván Massagué and the story unfolds exclusively from his point of view, and what he knows we know.

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You actually get a really effective information dump early on where his first roommate who’s been there for quite a while Slowly but surely answers all these questions about how to survive in the hole. And I have to say for a wild far-fetched, fictional setting, the rules actually work and the movie is remarkably consistent. A perfect example is how if anybody on any level tries to save any food or resources from the platform as it goes down, the room will either become very hot or really cold until it kills them eliminating that problem. The goal of the whole is to see whether or not people can exercise enough restraint or sense of responsibility for their fellow human beings to share the food appropriately. 

I love how this movie is incredibly practical, because everybody who goes in there has different points of view about how the whole can function properly. Some people try to implore their upstairs and downstairs neighbors, Tony takes with the need so that everybody gets their fair share. Some people threaten violence, some people threaten to shit in the food, and some people out of just pure desperation. If they’ve spent a month on a level that’s deep, deep, deep in the hole.

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When they finally get a chance to be at the top they feel totally justified in going completely Berserk and eating far more than their fair share. And for people who want to interpret this movie As a form of class warfare, what’s fun about is that if you’re the upper class one month, you very well might be at the bottom of the barrel The following month, and everybody gets a chance to get some revenge, whether it’s on their roommates, or on their upstairs or downstairs neighbors, or whatever the case might be. 

So it remains incredibly difficult for people to remain ideologically pure, as they become increasingly desperate to survive. Because if you’re below a certain level, there will be nothing for you ever. And then the movie sounds heavy handed, trust me, it’s not. There’s so much humor, and there’s so much excitement and so much action every step of the way. And a love of the movie does not take a sentimental view of human nature. It’s very candid and very honest about the absolute contempt a lot of human beings feel for those who are below them, as well as those who are above them. One of Gorang’s roommates, he likes to spit on the people who are below but he also like to call the people above them bastards. For him, it’s every man for himself and to try to survive in any other way just makes you a communist. And structurally The movie is really exciting because the main character, Gorang, voluntarily signs up for the whole six months, because at the end of that six months, we’ll get some form of diploma that will change its life dramatically.

Now outside the world. And so the movie basically comes in six chapters, with each one being dramatically better, or dramatically worse than what came before. And there’s an additional curveball for everybody inside the hole, you’re allowed to bring one item with you. And that can be anything. You can bring a puppy dog, you can bring a weapon, you can bring a book, and throughout the movie, as we see what some people choose to bring to the whole, it just makes you laugh again and again. And again. Just seeing how absurd people are. 

That’s one of the best parts about this movie is that it’s constantly poking fun at the absurdity of human beings. One more thing I love the subplot of this woman who keeps traveling up and down between all the various levels, murdering anybody who messes with her. And there’s a story going around that she’s looking for a child. 

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The Conclusion:

This is a hardcore genre films, not really a horror film, because you’re not ever really afraid, but you’ll certainly be grossed out every step of the way. But you see some absolutely ruthless, violent, disgusting behavior, because pretty much everything down below a certain level is nothing but murder and suicide and cannibalism and despair. And as the movie states very clearly on the poster and in the opening line of the movie, there are three kinds of people in this world, the top, the bottom, and those who fall.

If like me, you’re facing an extended period like lockdown in India and around the world where you’re most likely going to be trapped in your home for a while. I strongly urge people to give this a go. But if and only if they have a taste for hardcore, graphic genre entertainment, and the people who are into that kind of entertainment, absolutely know who they are. I totally understand there are a lot of people out there now who are not remotely in the mood to watch this kind of movie. But I feel like the timing of its release is surprisingly an early topical. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if at the end of 2020, that a lot of people look back on this movie as their favorite genre film of the year.  

Final Verdict:

The only thing that makes me tap the brakes at all my enthusiasm is that in the last like 10 or 15 minutes, the movie gets just frankly, slow, dark and depressing as can be expected from a premise like this. But the journey getting there is so intense, and so insane and so delightfully humorous and so delightfully barbaric. I was pretty much laughing and smiling almost every step of the way. And I feel like this film does something really well that a lot of clumsier or lesser filmmakers try to do with a lot of our beloved franchises, where we’ve seen a lot of filmmakers in recent years trying to insert incredibly obvious and heavy handed messages and franchises.

They used to be Little more nuanced and subtle or have no messages period, because there’s gonna be very resolutely and stubbornly refuses to spell out whatever message is trying to deliver. It’s going to excite a lot of debate, a lot of conversation and a lot of different forms of interpretation, which is what art is supposed to do in the first place. 

but this is what great genre entertainment should do great genre entertainment, especially low budget genre entertainment, should show you things that you would never see in a million years in a big budget Hollywood movie. And I just love the fact that Netflix is using their platform to acquire and distribute this kind of entertainment. The reality is they produce and acquire a lot of content that would never be made available otherwise. I hope that Netflix will continue to make courses available for the next few months as we endure this period of wild unpredictability. So guys that it is please write down in the comments below what’s your thoughts about the movie, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right below the post. Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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