Saturday, January 23, 2021

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Send Whatsapp Messages without saving contact

As an travel agent when every new customer reach us to me for the pricing details. Some other details related to travel like the reservation for there travel. They most of the time prefer to call for the details, and sometime they just call to ask quires and tell us...

Mirror Your Android to Windows & TV

There are several ways to cast your Android screen to a large screen wirelessly using Chromecast or apps like Airdrop or ApowerMirror. But what if I tell you there’s a windows inbuilt option or app using which you can mirror your android phone in just no time. There are just...
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How To: Drink Like A Pro

A pro is someone who knows all the in and out, all the hacks of drinking wether its beer, whiskey, tequila etc. I’ve worked more than 2 Years in a supermarket and you guys won't believe our supermarket was 70% food & other household stuff and 30% of liquor. And...