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Rishi Kapoor’s Best Bollywood Films of the ’70s & ’80s

Bollywood just looses it's charm today in face of Rishi Kapoor. He made a lot of amazing films that will inspire the upcoming actors and generations to work hard and make an impact in this world. As being from the 90's generation we may don't know about the Rishi Kapoor's...
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Movie Review : Every Day

What if your lover says "Would you love me if I looked like somebody else?". Yes its's a story of a 16-year old girl Rhiannon who falls in love with a mysterious soul, You heared me right with a soul named "A" . Who basically leaps into the body of someone their own...
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Movie Review : Everything Everything

After watching the trailer of this movie I quickly decided to watch this weekend. So this movie is actually about a girl Maddy who have a disease called "Severe combined immunodeficiency" SCID basically in this your immune system sucks in short your immune system is not capable to fight with...