Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Start Improving Yourself Today!

This started with a spark and gradually I started noticing the improvement in myself. September 3rd, 2019 was the date I decided I shouldn’t be sitting on my couch after eating food. and with this simple thought, I started walking daily for 20 to 30 minutes. I used to consume beer a lot at that time almost 3 times a week mostly on weekends. From the beginning, I knew that I’m not an alcoholic person, and I can quit very easily. I had just started drinking just because I love to dance but I’m shy when I’m sober. I know it sounds immature but it’s true.

So first I started walking for one week. then slowly I stopped drinking alcohol and within 2 weeks I completely stopped consuming beer.  Now when it comes to your fitness, you have to eat well. I tried one day of fasting with water only, and ended up exhausted and hungry 😀 and ate my dinner eventually. It wasn’t easy but neither too hard, we must try this once a month. One of the YouTuber UrIndianConsumer tried for 1 week. Kudos to him.


Now as I started eating good food it means food that the body wants and not me personally. No junk food except weekends, during which I used to have some food which was not too unhealthy. My 2nd & 3rd week was full of eating good food and doing cardio in which I started losing around 75-425 calories a day. What I ate along with my cardio. I did as per my research for myself through the help of some YouTubers. Who are there giving genuine information about this. Like: BeerBiceps & FitTuber 

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I just completed my first month of diet and workout on October 3rd, 2019. and I’m writing this article to share the amazing things that happened to me. only within 4 weeks and it’s this just a start of a long journey. I’m feeling clean, nice, humble and calm. It’s all because of meditation. Yes! Meditation is the key to success, it’s the key to explore yourself and your soul. It connects you to your inner self. After eating good & healthy food & exercising which cleanses your body.

meditation is the last step to clean and exploring your mind and soul. Clean body & mind is the best thing to have. I’m not a professional regarding this but I just started these simple things. and found some amazing changes in myself that is why I would like to share this information with you guys. so that you can also improve your lifestyle and find the real person within you. 

In the next part, I will try to explain what I know about meditation, health, and food. Please keep visiting my blog as it’s a series of articles that I’ll be posting regularly related to this health and well-being. Till then keep in touch and I’ll try my best to post other articles and share my personal experiences with you all soon.

Special Thanks To: Vinayak Joshi

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