Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Start Improving Yourself Today! -S01B03

As we discussed in the last post how I set my goals to stay fit and had good food to stay fit. And shared my routine with you guys. In this, I will share my personal experience of how I start exercising to keep myself fit. loses 2.2Kgs of weight in 2 weeks. So let’s get started.

As I’ve shared the date it was 03 Sept 2019. When I started walking after dinner and doing it after one week. I started some basic or you can call it a Desi exercise or cardio. This helps me to lose weight let’s just begin the week by week what I did so if you are one of those guys who have measured their body fat. And used the website which I shared in the last post if you’ve skipped it. I request you to go and check that our post first because it’s a series in which I’m sharing my journey step by step.

1st Week

It just starts with the thought of staying fit. Being fit helps you in many aspects. So starting if more important then thinking I’ll do this, I’ll do that. It all starts with a pledge you do with yourself is what you want to do? What your goal is? Once you have done that you are good to go.

I started walking after dinner in my first week. then I watched & had searched on the internet to educate myself. How important is the last meal of the day(dinner) after getting enough information about this I did some changes in my meals.

2nd Week

In my 2nd week after changing and scheduling my meals. I started basic cardio like slow running. Because I don’t have enough space to workout, you can say I have a cubical to doing exercises/running. I used the thing I was having with me. Ladders at our house which I used to climb again & again. later I got to know that’s also an exercise called “Ladder Climbing Exercise”. Which helps to lose body fat and this is what happened with me.

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3rd & 4th Week

I was doing the same thing the “Ladder Climbing Exercise” & some basic cardio. Like slow & fast running, and some few others you can see in the video below.

Till now it’s been 1.5 Months. I’m doing it daily or at least 4-5 days a week. Now also started some weight lifting exercises for muscle building. Soon will be taking food that will help me to grow my muscles.

In the next post, I’ll be sharing with you the most important part of this series. Called mental health which is equally or more important than body fitness & health. Till then keep in touch and I’ll try my best to post other articles and share my personal experiences with you all soon.

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