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Start Improving Yourself Today! -S01B02

As we discussed in the last post about how I discovered myself and here now. I would like to share some in-depth information to Start Improving Yourself Today.

So the first thing to improve yourself is analyzing yourself, finding your aim, setting your goals. In my case, my first aim was to drop weight because after so long I measured my weight in a pharmacy. where I visited and get to know I’ve gained a lot of weight and I have to start train myself again. as I used to do last year going to the gym and I was active if I am not doing the gym. somehow I used to do some physical activities to keep my body fit. But as I joined this new company where my job was sitting in front of the computer. From 8 A.M to 8P8 P.Mnd doing so I wasn’t aware it will also affect my body a lot.

Setting your aim is must:

Now my aim was clear that I have to start physical activities and have to drop weight to stay fit. If you are wondering how you can measure you are fit or not? Use the following website I mentioned below, I will tell you according to your age, gender & wight are you fit or not?

  1. Body BMI Calculator

Example Screenshot:

Source : Body BMI Calculator

So now you have a clear image of why it’s important to stay fit. This is what happened with me when I saw these measurements about my body I decided to start working on it. Because this was the time I set my goal to stay fit and for that, I have to start taking small steps. So in my first week, I started walking after having dinner as I used to do when I was in school. I used to talk with my friends while night walks in the colony after dinner.

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Fact Behind it :

Things we used to do in our childhood like that were beneficial for our bodies. But as we have grown up we need facts and proofs to see do it help us, I don’t understand why? Well for that you’ll get the answer here just google this “Why should We sleep empty stomach in the night?”, “Is Going to Bed on Full Stomach Unhealthy??” and you’ll get the answers.

As you start working on yourself you will accomplish a new goal every day. And the same I did I stopped taking alcohol as I told you in the previous post I used to take thrice a week. So as you will start achieving some small steps you’ll discover some changes in yourself which can’t be expressed in words. My next step was avoiding junk food and getting into a routine of eating because before I used to eat whenever I feel like. here I got guidance from my mentor my idol Ranveer Allahbadia aka BeerBiceps.

I don’t know how numbers of times I’ve mentioned his name in my blogs. And will be talking as in this series most of the things I’ve learned it’s because of him. So from his channel I got the information about the veg diet and the routine of eating food. he doesn’t just tell you what to eat or not also tell you facts behind it. I also mentioned him in one of my articles: Fitness Youtubers You Should Follow. Read this article too and follow some amazing genuine mentors in the fitness industry.

Basic Tips to follow :

  1. Eat for hunger not for filling the stomach.
  2. Eat clean and raw vegetables.
  3. Say NO! to Sugar
  4. Avoid Eating Non-Veg
  5. Create your routine to eat breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  6. Eating healthy things which gives health benifits.
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What Routine I follow?

  1. 6 A.M – Glass of warm water with lemon juice.
  2. 8 A.M – Glass of Milk without Sugar.
  3. 11 A.M – Breakfast (Black Pepper Chapati, Poha, Boiled Moong, Etc.)
  4. 4 P.M – Lunch (Dal, Roti, Sabzi)
  5. 10 P.M – Oats & Banana Smoothie
    • Monday – Friday
  • I do not recommend this diet/routine to everyone, it’s just a basic things i analyse good for me and don’t have bad effect on my health.

It’s a wrap up for this blog, in next blog i’ll share how i started from taking a 20-30 min of walk to intense cardio of 40-45 Min. Till then keep in touch i’ll try my best to keep posting these blogs and share my personal experiences with you all.

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