Thursday, April 15, 2021

Popular Hindi Podcasts on Google Podcasts

Podcasts are an upcoming trend in India, And listening to podcasts in your own language is something we should try once. I bring you some of the podcasts I personally listen in my Me Time every Sunday or before going to bed.

Bolti Kitabe :

This Google podcast channel by Storytel gives everything from bestsellers to acclaimed thrillers, breathtaking novels or weighty biographies. Every week you’ll find a fresh stories in hindi. You can also download Storytel app and buy the subscription if you want access over thousand of audio books. They also offer 7Days Free Trail.

Kahani Suno :

 Podcasts are an upcoming trend in India,
 Podcasts are an upcoming trend in India, This Google Podcast channel by Sameer Goswami. He is an Indian story writer, storyteller. He’s currently working on “Kahani Suno” on YouTube and iTunes as well as on Google Podcast. which is frequent podcast of different Hindi Story writers. He was awarded by best podcast for 2018 by iTunes.And listning to podcasts in your own language is something we should try once…

RedFM Bauaa :

This Google Podcast channel by RJ Raunac is an extremely funny man, he beautifully weaves in top of the mind issues into Bollywood parodies. And you can enjoy all his pranks on here.

Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi (Horror) :

Ek Kahaani Aisi Bhi is an internationally acclaimed series of spine chilling original ghost stories. The stories are so impactful and real that one can visualize the incidents happening in front of their eyes thanks to the extremely powerful narration by RJ Praveen and the sound effects and background score used.

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Khabardaar (All About Bollywood Movies) :

Khabardaar is a weekly Hindi language podcast discussing Bollywood movies. Hosted by lifelong Bollywood fans Aparita Bhandari and Baisakhi Roy.

Gaata rahe Mera Dil (GRMD):

This Google Podcast by Sameer Khera. It is the Longest running radio show in USA featuring local and global talent interested in singing Bollywood songs.

Kahani Jaani Anjaani :

This Google Podcast by Piyush Agarwal podcast Stories in Hindi.

The Musafir Stories :

This Google Podcast by Saif Omar & Faiza Khan. This audio podcast that documents Indian travel tales in their words.

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