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TVF and Amazon collaboration Panchayat had me generally excited Jitendra Kumar had been killing it on all platforms since Kota Factory and his Bollywood debut in Shubh Mangal Jyada Saavdhan, as we all not TVF has created a USP for themselves in the digital space for relatable content, providing us human and most importantly, Indian stories Panchayat focuses on an average engineering student Abhishek played by Jitendra Kumar, could you address performance in college, lines of a mediocre job as a secretary in the panchayat office in the remote village of Fulera in Uttar Pradesh (U.P).

How a man with the ambitions of making copious amounts of wealth is subjected to dealing with the slow-paced and menial daily practices of the village folk is the premise of Panchayat the premise sounds pretty basic right. I haven’t really sold you on the premise of this web series well let’s get into it. Here are the good and bad aspects of the web series so that you guys can ultimately decide whether the web series is worth your time, or not.

Lack Of Activity:

This web series is unlike anything you’ve seen in the digital space so it’s very important to understand what you’re clicking and to manage your expectations, you have been witnessing dark gritty and exhilarating thriller since the last few weeks in the form of Asur on Voot & Special OPS and even the Netflix series SHE, so if you’re expecting a series that is going to shock you. From a premise standpoint you will be disappointed through several moments in the web series I found myself ending episodes and was this it, we unconsciously have been trained to be subjected to so much stimulus in terms of subplots and activity that any kind of Tehraav makes us uncomfortable. This is something that I will come to data by just referencing the show I can just accentuate my point that one episode focuses on a debate of a loss key, and the other about the possession of a rolling chair and how it’s a sign of dominance. This series will make you check your privilege and understand that this is the reality, the daily reality of the majority of rural India.

Pedestrian Screenplay:

One thing that definitely stuck out like a sore thumb was the predictable and formulaic screenplay of the series, if certain lessons are to be given by the creators to highlight the inefficiency of the panchayat randomly characters in duress are placed in scenes to shed light on the issue, there isn’t an organic development of understanding the issues of the village but placed in segments that do its job in conveying the hurdles but does not have the same natural tonality that TVF is known for by characters or arguing you can ultimately predict how the situation is going to pan out, and thus many conclusions or resolutions can be seen from a far distance, small gripes and a humble show with the heart in its right place.

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What’s Good:

Contrast and relatability. The reason why this series impacted me it was its ingenious writing by Chandan Kumar, the vessels in the form of actors are spectacular is one thing, but the issues it focuses on and the interaction among several characters is its biggest highlight the web series brilliantly captures the contrast of the aspirations of an engineering student wanting to make it into the corporate world and the villagers are Fhulera.

being content, and more than happy in their ecosystem Abhishek is instantly hesitant and distant to all the village folk and borderline disgusted at the lack of enterprise in the rural area. This often makes him self reflect of the several what-ifs is in his life, as he pans through social media to see his friends who quote-unquote made it something that many people can relate to.

When you find yourself in situations, often because of your own demerits, or never being satisfied with your reality, due to the ego plays by us in this competitive society we have on deconstructed Panchayat creates a brilliant contrast between individualism and community in seeing past the way people speak and the houses they live in, in interacting with them as equals Panchayat is a slow burn, Abhishek takes time to get used to the customs and the ways of the village, and we join him on this journey, similarly from our comfy homes to understanding them without judgment.

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The web series possesses brilliant performances from the ensemble cast. Did Jitendra Kumar is in great form as a constantly disgruntled Abhishek Tripathi his annoyance and transition from apathy to a genuine love for the people is heartwarming to witness. But the starts of this show that will truly leave a lasting impression no other supporting cast Neena Gupta is Manju Devi and Raghubeer Yadav as Braj Bhoosan are such naturals in front of the camera, the constant bickering and the obvious power dynamics of Neena Gupta being the alpha and Raghubeer Yadav being the subservient husband is a treat to watch.

Fazal Malika as Prahlaad and the Bhushan is also brilliant in every scene he features in his mannerisms and filling empty spaces with small nuances showcase a better and having fun while acting, but Chandran Roy as Vikas, because it’s literally the best thing The series has to offer, his performances of such ease and conviction that you would honestly be left with wanting more from the actor, his relationship with Abhishek in teaching him the ways of the village while Abhishek looks in disbelief, will stay with you. He is that one character that always has your back, and steals every scene he features and can’t wait to see more from him in the future.

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Final Verdict :

See I know many of us millennials will complain of a lot of things when it comes to this web series will complain it’s slow, it’s really not going anywhere and its typical reaction would be that it’s boring. The important point is that first of all, this isn’t the show for you then. And secondly, the point is to make you understand that this is India, not the flowery sets you see in commercial Bollywood movies the pretentious village set up where everything is hunky-dory, this is their day to day grind the struggles for electricity bureaucracy even in the most micro aspects, the systemic aggressiveness that has become, everyone’s reality and the coexistence tribe knowing that’s the only way the constant need to please others and relationships set only on the pretext of doing each other favors. It struck me so hard when I saw the villagers interact with each other in the show. So understand this Panchayat has done a phenomenal job at really telling us a story from the heartland through a vessel like Abhishek played by Jeetendra, who is like anyone of us, and who slowly with a lot of restream tries to assimilate with the eccentric villagers of Fulera and that was it.

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