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Never Have I Ever | Netflix Series | Review

never have i ever review

Never Have I Ever is the brand new series from Netflix which is also available in Hindi. This series is about a young Indian American teenager growing up in modern-day, This series is all about her complication she faces in her life. The creator of this show is Mindy Kaling. In case you don’t know her, she is an American comedian, actress, and writer. So the show basically inspired by her own childhood growing up as an American teenager.


The plot is that there are a group of three girls who are a little bit socially awkward teenagers. who are trying to go through all the milestones of the high school like getting a boyfriend, trying to be cool, losing their virginity. We do think this Indian representation is so important and we are also excited to see there is a show out there everyone can relate to.

never have i ever review


If we talk about the cast we see the remarkable performance by 1st-time comer on-screen Maitreyi Ramakrishnan as Devi and in the supportive cast, we have her two best friends. Devi is far from the perfect daughter that Nalini craves. Then we have her dad who died in her school function. And yes how can we forget the guy for whom she put the efforts.

never have i ever watch on netflix

What is likable about this series?

It’s about the Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who is playing the role of Devi. Devi is basically the lead in the series we have to say the charisma that she brings to this character you just want to root for her.

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Her character is not perfect. she’s flawed but she’s also confident, she’s funny, she makes poor choices at times but she’s someone that you ultimately want to root for and also too is nice being able to see a young woman depicted in the series who knows that she’s smart and intelligent she knows what she has to offer.

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And she doesn’t try to turn that off for anyone she’s very stubborn at times but she’s very confident and being who she wants to be as she’s very secure with that even though she’s still struggling with the whole being uncool portion of it. There is also so much the diversity in ever have I ever.

We also liked the focus on the relationship between Devi and her mother in the series, their struggle to come together as a family with dealing with the loss of her father especially. We also enjoyed the added layers of Devi’s relationship with her cousin who is really struggling to continue her studies and want to stand out on her own. Meanwhile, she is not ready for marriage but most importantly an arranged marriage in her situation. We like this show has all of these different complex issues that his characters are dealing with. but also to all of the characters get their shine on this series.

Final Verdict

We had a great time watching this series if you just want to feel like you want to go back to the time when life was so simple. and you want to watch a nice TV series centered around an Indian girl who is living her best life. Watch this series, this series have episodes of 30min only. You can go through it in a single watch. And must eagerly wait for its 2nd season.

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So guys that it is for now. we shared our review on Netflix Orignal Series Never Have I Ever. Please write down in the comments below if you have watched this series and what’s your views over this series. and Yes! please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles are right below the post. Also please support us by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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