Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Movie Review: Searching

Last weekend i watched Searching directed by Aneesh Chacon. In this movie Kim is a father searching for his missing daughter who teams up with the detective Debra Messing and this story is told from the unique perspective of his daughter’s laptop he breaks in there and tries to find evidence to figure out where she went if she’s okay if she’s still alive did someone kidnapped her. I must say, this movie surprise me a lot. In 1Hr47 Min everything was so realistic with a bunch of twist and turns. I would invest my time to watch this movie again because this movie is one of the biggest surprises of the year for me; And its extremely realistic. It starts with experiencing this family’s past story through the computer and we also see the old windows programs from back in the day Microsoft Paint and spam emails and all kinds of things like that was very realistic and remember me my old days, for the first few minutes but I found myself genuinely caring about this family which is so important because so much of the film is the father and his frustration with not being able to find this girl and Character of Kim is just awesome.

In the story of this movie what i like is his father has smaller characters that knew this girl Margot and as the father was trying to reach out to these guys and girls she was connected via social network, telephone directory and other social platforms. But all they’re like yeah she was okay I didn’t really talk to her that much sorry can’t really help you and you see Kim get angry and he feels very lost later in the movie when this girl’s disappearance becomes public news and it’s trending and everyone is talking about it you see these same characters are making videos about her crying talking about how much they loved her. He also investigated on his own brother with placing some spy cameras in his home.

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After in one scn where Kim looks back through his first search about Detective Vick,  It became all too clear that Vick hasn’t been helping Kim at all, and at this point it seems like she may have plotted to murder Margot and then tried to mislead Kim and this is actually happened and Detective Vick confesses to attempting to cover up Margot’s death because her son.

Now what’s the relation of Margot with Detective Vick’s son, what happened to his son he tried to kill Margot or there was some other reason because of all this happened. And what about Margot is she alive? Does Kim will be able to find her? For all those questions i want you to watch the movie. Because this is one of those movies i don’t want to summarize.

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