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Movie Review : Everything Everything

After watching the trailer of this movie I quickly decided to watch this weekend. So this movie is actually about a girl Maddy who have a disease called “Severe combined immunodeficiency” SCID basically in this your immune system sucks in short your immune system is not capable to fight with even a basic bacterias or allergies. So she’s can’t go outside of her home, if she went she’ll be sick. For this her mom’s who’s a do asctor take care of her she made home where everything is so hygiene and air purifiers in this home, and the catch is the home is made of full of glasses so that Maddy does feel like she’s outside. Maddy have a group of people who have the same disease she can talk on her PC. And she love to read books and putting the reviews on her blog.

There are bunch of people’s who can visit her home is Her mom obviously, her nurse Carla and her daughter Rose, And Carla is working from last 15 years and it’s her who bring the books for Maddy.

Meanwhile there’s a Severe combined immunodeficiency, entry of a guy called Olly he just moved from New York to Maddy’s neighbor. After seeing Maddy from her room he tries to approach her and bring a Bundt to her home but her mom refused to take and say thanks. After that Olly started approaching Maddy from his window to her window as they don’t have each others contact then they shared contacts and start talking over messages. Maddy and Olly shared many things over messages in between one day Maddy’s nurse Carla bring the Olly in her home one day so that Maddy can live a little bit that she deserves as she’s 18 now.

So the first time Maddy met someone apart from those bunch of people’s she used to meet in her daily life. Just next day of the meet with Olly , Maddy’s mother asked about Olly talked about Olly and Maddy told about him but she didn’t realized her mother got to know that she knows he was here that day as she found Olly’s hand band on the floor. Next day Maddy’s mother gone mad over Carla (Maddy’s nurse) who bring Olly inside the home as it’s prohibited to bring any unknown person inside the home because of the disease Maddy have.

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After that day Maddy’s mom bring the new nurse for her and told her that the guys she’s getting mad about may be have interest in Maddy today but tomorrow he’ll meet some another girl and Olly will be her boyfriend, because Maddy only can live in this home, and Olly is outside where he can find any other girl. This thing really made Maddy think about this relation he’s getting into with Olly .and she stopped talking to Olly on call on chat because she was talking to herself what should she do.

Next day Olly bring all the Ocean photographs and stick to Olly’s room which is made of glass as per the conversation they had Maddy shared her dream if she want to live once she love to explore Oceans around the world. Same day Maddy booked the flight 2 tickets for Hawaii and write a letter for her mom saying that she love her so much but now she want to explore the life apart from that little world she have with her now, may be she’s choosing the death but if she don’t go she’ll never get to know what it’s like to be alive. Next day early morning she came out with her bag to Olly’s house and Olly freaked out on her what she’s doing, even knowing that it’s not safe for her but Maddy says that it was just temporary she’s safe now she’s like common people, And here the journey started for Hawaii.

Then in Hawaii they explored the ocean and about Maddy she is just living the best of her life with Olly because it was him who give her hope to live, to be free to chaise things you dream about. At the end of this trip Olly confessed to Maddy that he love her and there no other girl in his life. And they kissed and spend some good time together. Next day in morning Maddy got sick so badly she had to admit to the hospital and when she woke up she was in hospital this is the last time she saw Olly and after that she was in her home with her mother.

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After seeing that she can’t stay forever with Olly she started ignoring Olly’s call and messages even mails. The last mail she sent to Maddy she deleted and seeing him leaving to she just checked that mail again and she got to know that Olly is leaving and told her that he never met a person like her, remembering her about all the memories they had in Hawaii and also told that he tried not to love Maddy but he’s failing he told about her to his mom and she said that Maddy is so brave. And they are leaving because of dad he abuse her mom and they decided to move to New York while he’s out drinking. And same day Maddy got a call from the doctor from Hawaii where she was admitted for a while, and the doctor told her that she’s not sick of SCID. And then she started looking for medical evidence for being sick of SCID. But she didn’t get that her mom entered in room and confessed the truth that after loosing her brother and father her mom was scared of loosing her that’s why she made herself believe that Maddy is sick. After that she leaves her home spend some days with her nurse Carla’s home and left for New York after meeting her mom where she confessed all these things. Finally Olly and Maddy met again in New York and start living the life like they met first time.

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