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Movie Review : Every Day

What if your lover says “Would you love me if I looked like somebody else?”. Yes its’s a story of a 16-year old girl Rhiannon who falls in love with a mysterious soul, You heared me right with a soul named “A” . Who basically leaps into the body of someone their own age and wakes up in the body of a different male or female teenager, every day. but never the same person twice. So Rhiannon never knows who she’ll be dating tomorrow.

So this love story begins In school, Rhiannon approaches “A” (as Justin) her boyfriend, and she convinces “A” to skip school with her. As the day goes on, “A” falls in love with Rhiannon, and she feels the same way for Justin. seeing him  more thoughtful and caring person than he was before. and Rhiannon confessed to Justin her personal problems going on in her life. The next day, Justin was the same guy with the same nature as he was earlier careless self, and doesn’t even remember about last day.

Meanwhile,”A” woke up in the body of Amy, another student from the same university. Waking up with another body next day as Nathen and attends a party and he saw Rhiannon in same party attended with Justin. This is where “A” approch her through dance and in a conversation with her “A” said to Rhiannon that she deserves someone better than Justin, Also confessed that the person she met before wasn’t Justin It was him. And after few days “A” texts Rhiannon, asking to meet him alone, and she does that.

And the day she met with “A” wasn’t the same guy Rhiannon was expecting. He shows up as Megan and told her in brief “A” was Justin and Amy and Nathan and also that he is falling in love with her. “A” also discloses that he keeps a private Instagram account with pictures taken every day in every body “A” is in. But Rhiannon wasn’t so convenced so she met Nathen and ask him about that day after that conversation she realized that “A” is real.

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And from that day they started meeting eachother and so many thing happen in between. At the end “A” tells Rhiannon that they cannot be together forever realistically. And  Alexander “A” somehow stayed more then 24hr  himself is perfect for Rhiannon. After the long conversation they shared one last night together, Rhiannon and “A” kissed and lie down to wait for “A” to fall asleep. The next day, “A” awakens in another body and drives away to New York, while Rhiannon meets up with Alexander at school and they walk away together.

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