Sunday, January 17, 2021

iPhone SE 2020 – Old Loved Design with Latest Specs | Smartphone Reviews

Hey what’s going on guys I’m Gaurav and today we have yet another iPhone by apple.So let’s get started with the iPhone. Yes, another iPhone SE 2020 as expected looks just like the iPhone 8 except for the Apple logo being in the middle. It is available in three different colors including the space gray or the black version as well as the silver in white and last but not least the product red which of course is red. 


The phone is available in three different storage options including 64 gigabytes 128 as well as 256 and a starting price at the budget price point of $399, In India it is expected to launch with the starting price of Rs. 42,500.


So this phone essentially is similar to what they did with the original iPhone SE which brings back a small form factor that a lot of people loved, but put in the brand new specs and the CPU and everything that is kind of the same deal as to what they’ve done here with the iPhone SE 2020. It has Apple’s latest mobile processor which is the apple A13 and that is the same processor found in the current flagship the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro. 

When it comes to the display on the front it is a 1334 by 750 resolution display that is 4.7 inches on the smaller model and a PPI of 326. The only difference is that this display does not have the force touch that you have on the iPhone 8 but instead has 3D touch the phone itself does also use touch ID.

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The camera is actually the same one as the iPhone 8 it is a 12 megapixel sensor, along with the flash and there is also the option to use portrait mode as some of the capabilities in the processing allowed to do so. And it only works with people, they’ll say that the A13th bionic chip also improves the HDR performance. The phone can also record in 4k 60 it has optical image stabilization and there is also a 7megapixel camera on the front which can also do portrait mode effects.

What is next?

Of course we also can’t forget about the larger model which is also expected to come and the reason why that is a little bit delayed is apparently because there’s production setbacks on the secondary camera, and that is of course due to like the whole corona virus(COVID-19) situation, and we also thought that the iPhone that was announced today was also going to run into similar problems as well when it comes to production schedule, otherwise though in terms of my opinion I feel like this phone fits very well in the lineup.

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