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HotstarWeb Series Review

Hundred | Hotstar Special | Web Series Review

Hotstar Special Hundred Review

After getting lot of support from big stars like Akshay Kumar & Salman Khan, Rinku Rajguru (Sairat) and Lara Dutta are all set to lead in a new Disney+ Hotstar show Hundred.

Lara Dutta, Rinku Rajguru Team Up To Live It Up In New Hotstar Crime Drama. The series is having total 8 episodes and now released on Hotstar.

We would Highly Recommend this series in this Lockdown Period, Decent story with Great Performances is the best compliment that we would like to give.


Hundred Hotstar Special Web Series Review

This is an simple but pure story that touches heart of the audience and can feel the emotions. Same hand you will get many comedy sequence and bit of action.

Well this web series is created by Ruchi Narain, Ashutosh Shah and Taher Shabbir. And the story about an ordinary girl with big dreams of going to Switzerland. Where Netra Patil diagnosed with a terminal illness leaving her with only a hundred days to live.

And a lady cop ACP Somya who desperately wants promotion and she have only 100 Days too. Now as both caharacters have 100 Days, Saumya offers Netra to team up for a Bollywood-esque adventure of a different kind and partner up to fight crime. 

The story is fun ride of two different peoples who complete their target in 100 Hundred days with a twist which come at the end point. Without giving the spoilers we would recommend watch this series with your family at home.

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What a performance, definitely it’s been a long time we have seen Lara Dutta on big screen, but her performance as a cop  and wannabe James Bond is just so amazing. We’ve also seen Rinku in Sairat, movie that breaks the record of 100 cr.

You are going to see Rinku as a desi girl who will surly going to won your heart alone again, after the Sairat. Apart from the two powerful performances Hundred posses of impactful performances by Karan Wahi.

Karan Wahi Hundred hotstar special 720p

Parmeet Sethi, Sudhanshu Pandey, Makarand Deshpande, Suyash Zunjurke and Rajeev Siddhartha.

The Writting

The pace of the story gets sluggish, at times, making it difficult to finish an episode. You can’t expect much from the story because there is nothing much to say in terms of screenplay. It presents the story in simple, direct terms, which is either a strength or a drawback, depending upon what you are looking for as a viewer.

Final Verdict

This web series will worth your time if you are going to watch this weekend for once. Do not watch with much expectation of plots,sub plot, twist & turns , It’s simple story with an extraordinary performances that will worth your time, and you are going to see some engaging & delightful performances by Lara Dutta & Rinku Rajguru.

download hundred hotstar special 720p

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