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How To: Drink Like A Pro

A pro is someone who knows all the in and out, all the hacks of drinking wether its beer, whiskey, tequila etc. I’ve worked more than 2 Years in a supermarket and you guys won’t believe our supermarket was 70% food & other household stuff and 30% of liquor. And at the end of every month when we check our sale report what we got is 70% sale is because of liquor and the rest 30% is for food & other household stuff. In case you don’t know i’ve worked around 2 Years in Central Africa where i got to know the types of alcohol, percentage of alcohol in every beer, whiskey and other. Because when you working in a supermarket you must be aware about all the products you have, isn’t it? So do I As well as i also started consuming alcohol yes I had almost everything in alcohol i mean like all kind of alcohol (beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila, champion, rum, wine, sirop).

So I almost know all the in’s and out’s, Even i’m not a pro seriously but i used to sit with some pro guys who have good experience of drinking. One of them was a bartender and another one was cook at Hotel Taj.

So lets get started…

There are two kind of men’s one who drink alcohol, and the second who know their alcohol. I guess which one you wanna be!


  • Choose your glass like a pro.

Every alcohol have its own glass, The glass you choose to drink your alcohol from says a lot about whether or not you’re a noob to the spirit.


  • Choose your pattern.
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Here by pattern i mean how you want to drink your alcohol in case of whiskey you’ll take it – neat, water, ice(on the rocks). To get the best out of whiskey always consume neat your first drink because doing that you’ll get to know the flavors.

  • Feel what you drink.

Understanding of alcohol only a pro can have, because a pro is already had a verity of drinks and have experience of spirits. A pro when served with a glass of alcohol or whiskey smell the spirit with his nose, take a small sip and let the liquid linger in your mouth feel it gently going down your throat.

  • Now there is some drinking rules applied when you party out with your friends.

Now in most of the case we drink when we go out with our friends or somewhere for house party so here i’m going to share things you should avoid being a idiot going to end up the party in wash room.

It doesn’t matter how much you drink, it’s how smartly you drink. It’s always not about capacity as we always says to each other while drinking it’s about how you drink and the manner or pattern you followed. So first of all please follow some rules,

  • Don’t mix your drinks, Play smart

Mixing drinks is not a cup of tea of everyone, but one who love mixing drinks should follow a pattern is that never mix more than 3 drinks and even if you do so the keep gap of at least half an hour.

  • Don’t mix Energy drinks with Alcohol
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Mixing energy drinks like Red Bull with your drinks may lead you to the bathroom, Same with vodka and redbull shots will give you wings to fly to the washroom


  • Take Antacids 30 Mins before you start drinking

In market antacids tablets like Pan-D or Raciper-D available which will help you to won’t suffer from acidity or a pukish feeling after you are too tipsy to hold yourself straight. Better you eat 2 Bananas* (Jugaad) before start drinking.

  • Don’t fill your stomach with heavy meal

Not having huge meals before drinks is the smartest way to start, with this you also improve your capacity of drinking.

  • Don’t dance right after 5 drinks

One of my favorite thing to do after getting tipsy and high, and i just love it seriously. But if you really had too much then on a serious note don’t dance with burning alcohol in your stomach and dancing will make your insides burn and all the expensive drinks you had will come out end up in bathroom or with a puke on the floor.

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