Thursday, April 15, 2021

How To: Avoid fights in your relationship?

Imagine that the person that you’re in love is angry or upset because of you no matter how compatible you might be with your loved one but in life somewhere you are bound to disagree with him or her on something it can be anything feelings or about the relationship and in some case situations occur according to your day in office assume A bad day in office or A fight with friends or something else happen in her professional life, or it can be anything. So what are the ways to make her feel cool, keep her calm and give her a comfort so that she can overcome from all the problems which cause anger. Sometime happens we try to comfort her, make her feel better. But instead of this she get pissed why?

So guys there are some simple tips you can follow and became a idol guy for her.

  • You understand that she’s upset.
  • Care about how she feels.
  • You respect her right to have her feelings

I’m not gonna write the whole paragraph you get nothing with i’ll share something you can say yeah these things are like some simple maths formulas if i apply i can make her feel better, so here we go…

  1. Instead of giving explanation or solution while fight, just say “This will not happen again.”

  2. It’s fine to apologize sometime to avoid fights in your relationship. If you’re always the one to apologize (which means you have a crazy lady on your hands), trust me, you’re gaining it.

  3. Try to keep yourself calm if your partner is angry with you.

  4. Don’t blame on each other try to understand what’s the problem really is.

  5. Try to put yourself into the situation she is in.

  6. Show your emotions, because emotions can reflect the things you value.

That’s it it’s not a rocket science, yes its difficult to understand sometimes but following some tips above will lead you being a responsable partner.

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