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Hasmukh | Netflix | Web Series Review

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So I didn’t even think about tuning into the VirDas and the Ranvir show a web series Hasmukh but I gave it a try and I have to confess I was hooked from the first episode mainly due to its premise. I personally am not a huge fan of dark comedies but when it’s come to VirDas and you pitch me a set up a stand up comedy gruesome murders taking place and karma doing what it does best. I’m instantly sold.

So The web series directed by Nikhil Gonsalves focuses on Hasmukh from Saharanpur, who is an apprentice stand up comedian under the popular local performer that has not provided more opportunities to experiment with material on stage, and provides only menial tasks.

This leads to an impulsive action of Hasmukh murdering the man getting viral on the internet due his sad performed immediately after the friendship that losses between manager and talent and being identified by reality TV show in Mumbai, and have the aspirations of any dreamy eyed boy, while still looking over his shoulder for the catastrophic decisions he takes is the premise of Hasmuk.

The Good & The Bad About Hasmukh:

So first of all I want to inform you before tuning in for the web series that this is a dark comedy, it’s morbid and humorous, this series is not solely created to explore the techniques and the world of stand up comedy in India, it’s about a man who takes a decision which becomes an irreversible path of gambling with karma.

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Now let’s get to the nitty gritty, Ravi Kishan as the constantly horny head of the reality TV show is hilarious, but his sequences of constantly ogling at the Secretary’s breasts Just give me flashbacks of the musty franchise, and the god awful sex comedies of Hindi cinema. One thing that I did not connect with also and actually felt it really didn’t land master the storytelling aspect, the series was Hasmukh romantic relationship with a foreigner.

Who works in the industry as a dancer, the thread that keeps up together and they’re back and forth really didn’t have much to contribute to the series, VirDas’s acting range and misplaced criticism, it’s undeniable that we just takes time to fully get into the groove of hasmukh, the arc attempted by the series is to showcase an awkward and unteamed man transitioning to becoming sure of himself and his decisions.

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The initial sequences of the Series Vir doesn’t convincingly starter of the present the angs and animosity he has for his oppressive mentor the accent from Saharanpur often comes out awkwardly from the performer, but he eases into it as the episodes progress, Vir eventually makes us believe and oddly even rude for his murderous decisions, but it takes some time.

The last thing that I want to talk about here is that the series is getting massive criticism for its written stand up material being lame, and just doesn’t deliver the huge laughs and it’s punchlines, but this is true, from the perspective of what we have already been exposed to basically the best stand up comedians in the country.

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VirDas as Hasmukh:

Hasmukh is especially in the first few episodes is performing at Shadi’s, and the birthday’s of politicians, where bullets fly in the air if they’re happy with the performances, they literally playing to the crowd in front of them, just get this the most popular television show in India is The Kapil Sharma Show, a show where the jokes are hacky often on physical appearances and palatable for a family viewing. That’s why everyone laugh our loud, and the tune in every day.

But the kind of shows VirDas do as we have seen him doing stage shows in in Netflix‘s Abroad Understanding. You know it won’t land, so the web series has designed its writing to evolve as Hasmukh learns and gets the hang of his own Standard material, I’ll elaborate on this later.

It’s a Watch or No Watch Web Series:

You know what the beauty of the digital platform, what made me realize as I saw the series was that have the digital platform not existed we would have never seen a series like this. Imagine a pitch to Bollywood movie producers by seeing a stand up comedian teases his dreams and kills people who have done bad things and got away with it.

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You won’t get kicked out of that room. I’m glad we in the last two or three years have developed this ecosystem yes I know it’s getting crazy saturated now, but it makes me glad to know the future is bright for some compelling cinema online.


The film provides us an extremely flawed human at the forefront and always will make you question on whether his actions are justified. It provides you a human who has had a traumatic past situations that meet you empathize for the man and the way he has turned out, individuals are basically amalgamations of their experiences as they grow up in their formative years, a lot of what shapes them, are those experiences that can range in two different spectrums either violence and torture of pure love and nurturing.

Hasmukh will make you oscillate between supporting them to come to a point where you can foreshadow them digging their own grave standard pieces are written specifically in reference to the experiences he has with humans before going up on stage, the premise on paper may sound bizarre to you a lustful and twisted fix of killing horrible people before going on stage to perform a standard protein.

Performance & The Cast:

I’ll just take two examples of the brilliant writing Jimmy played by Ranvir Shorey hilariously tells Hasmukh, To search his own viagra using that he can give the performance on stage. The show is was very clever and the written material definitely grows on you.

Every performer, other than the small gripe I mentioned about VirDas’s range have put forth spectacular performances, Ravi Kishan as the result oriented and perpetually horny boss of the reality show is hilarious and Inaamulhaq plays a police officer from Saharanpur and his fear tactics and perpetual sarcasm is a treat to watch.

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Instagram: Virdas

Deeksha Sonalkar plays the role of Riya, a helpful and tolerant girl that provides a helping hand to the lost souls in a big city, and she possesses a calm demeanor in front of camera, Amrita Bagchi is responsible for scouting hasmukh and she’s so convincing as the showrunner orchestrating the show exactly the way she wants.

Manoj Pahwa is the condescending disrespectful and dated comedian he’s just legend, Vir it’s time to really get into the groove, but when he does. I was convinced to the destructive journey both Hasmukh and Jimmy were on. which brings me to finally the star performers, Jimmy played by Ranvir Shorey, and KK played by Suhail Nayyar, Jimmy despite having only monetary interest with Hasmukh initially at least has his heart at the right place and Shorey playes the naivety of a small town man in a grueling city very well, trying to always look at the glass half full.

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He is still regarded as such an underrated talent in the country, and artists that deserves way more respect, Suhail Nayyar you may remember him from Udta Punjab please an insecure stand up comedian who feels threatened of his position as Hasmukh enters the reality show, he projects his own insecurities is highly volatile and isn’t a grave personal and professional space mostly due to his own doing.

Final Verdict:

The series sheds light on many aspects such as the experience of transplants as they enter Mumbai with the hopes and dreams of becoming popular practicing their craft but in the process getting scarred from everyone wanting a piece of the pie, the perspective of artists needing an outlet to express themselves, or something that makes them feel whole, what is morally sound in your head but ethically and lawfully wrong, the concept of plagiarism of intellectual property, and the casualness with which it is dispensed is not a big deal.

So guys that it is for now my review on Hasmukh. Please write down in the comments below what’s your thoughts about this web series review, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right below the post. Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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