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Four More Shots Please S02 | Amazon Prime | Web Series Review

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So after so much hype finally the second season of Four More Shorts Please on Amazon Prime released today, and the series aimed at telling stories about the perspective of women very minutely represented and showcased in Bollywood movies. The series focuses on four women from South Mumbai, the trials and tribulations they face in their personal and professional life, and how they cope with the various hurdles that come their way, by being present for one another every step of the way.

In season two we have Siddhi played by Maanvi Gagroo currently unemployed who had an engagement called off due to a creepy father who exposed Siddhi anonymous raunchy webcam show. Umang played by Bani J who goes through heartbreak due to her girlfriend Samara, a well known actress not acknowledging their lesbian relationship, Anjana played by Kirti Kulhari who still battling the fact that her ex husband has started a new life with his new wife, and due to her ego and carelessness finds herself in a drunk driving crash, as he was taking their daughter to a hospital. Damini played by Sayani Gupta who identifies he has deep feelings for Jay played by Pratik Babbar the bartender and Truck Bar, only to further get to know that he has moved on.

How the four do their weekly or maybe thrice a week ritual of meeting at Trump Bar for seeking approval and direction every step of the way is basically the entire season. I also want to state that this review is not going to feature any virtue signaling of me trying to be invoke obediently ignorant or sexist to suit a particular popular narrative, let’s just objectively without any spoilers, I mean I will try and judge the series for what it is, before I’m absolutely ruthless with my thoughts about the web series Four More Shots Please Season 2, let’s talk about the aspects which were its redeeming qualities.

What’s Good: 

This is their reality important aspect to acknowledge and identify in this web series is that it focuses on four privileged and educated characters that are living in South Mumbai, their problems, no matter how minuscule they might be with respect to the country and the tragic reality the majority face, it is their reality.So the series does focus on first of all problems faced by women in a metropolitan city on a daily basis. And listen, this is how the Four More Shots Please is marketed, so in this pitch that I have literally done for you, you’ve got the answer of whether this show is for you or not.

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A character will complain about not being able to find herself and she has a four course breakfast with a family next to their home pool. The point is, this is not wrong, while still being financially well off, you have several problems such as fat shaming, aesthetic judgment and sexism in the workforce. These are pertinent issues and women face on a daily basis.

The problem is, it is so rarely effective in reaching its objective of breaking stereotypes and showing how it is for working women in a grueling city. if I look at all these four characters and compare them with the fiza played by Kalki Koechlin from Made In Heaven and The girl in the city played by Mithila Palkar. They presented far more compelling and thought provoking human stories of women facing several similar personal and professional issues.


four more shots please sayani gupta

In my opinion the standout performers from the main cast is Maanvi Gagroo as Siddhi and Sayani Gupta as Damini, it’s sad that the written material doesn’t help that convincing performances, but both the actors do more than make you believe that they are these eccentric characters from South Mumbai. I’ve been saying this about Sayani Gupta is that, She possesses such calmness as a performer, She as the OCD no nonsense go-getter that really keeps on tossing and turning in a personal life is tolerable and generally a character you feel empathy for, despite her repeated mistakes Siddhi as a character on paper can easily come across as annoying and spoiled, other than just being a terrific performer there’s something extremely warm and likeable about Maanvi every role that she has portrayed Kirti Kulhari and Bani J honestly have brief moments but I’ll come to that later. 

The Supporting Cast:

The supporting cast really needs to be appreciated tenfold. Neil Bhoopalam, as a constantly confused and train wreck of an ex husband is genuinely funny and memorable. Simone Singh is Siddhi’s mother trying her best to evolve and mend her judgmental basis is spectacular. A special mentioned that has to be given to Prabal Punjabi, as a stand up comedian in the series, he’s the most likable natural and relatable individuals from the web series, ignorant yes but a men who could have had a great storyline is something very simple was just communicated to him, you’ll get to know when you see it. 

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The Underwhelming Aspects:

Writing and dialogue delivery, the biggest underwhelming quality about the web series is its writing and a lot of the times and delivery of those dialogues. first from my perspective, I understand that the most common phrase for South Mumbai people is “come on yeah” but the series takes it on an overkill mode, there is a subplot that exclusively focusing on a character becoming a stand up comedian, and the treatment of the sets comes across as more of a TED talk, then having genuinely funny punch lines, the sets are empowering but the unfunny, one comedian says your claws are out, which a character replies: “Because unlike you, I got a manicure” and everyone burst out laughing. 

four more shots please season 2 cast

Another misery of the subplot the laugh track placed in awkward positions of the performances on stage makes it even less convincing. My biggest gripe is that the entire series focuses on the character seeking for approval from their friends on every little decision of their life. I understand that empathy and a good support system in terms of a friend group is essential, but one that friend group itself become your enablers are crutches, then it often stagnates you to never evolve and become an average of the people you’re associated with on a weekly basis, to self reflect and think individually is absolutely absent in the Four More Shots Please.

When one subplot shifts at one point of time there is an argument happening during a wedding as a pre wedding shoot in front of her palace has just finished, and the friends are playing KhoKho for fun. Yes, this is the penultimate episode of this season after see though Bani J is really convincing in her body language as a gym trainer, but how awkward Punjabi and little to no enunciation in her dialogues makes you feel whether she is devoid of energy in the scenes.

Kirti is a spectacular actor. I have loved her in films like Pink and Shaitan, but her most memorable moments are shared with her ex husband in this season. Otherwise, the painful law jargon sequences with a new flame, both characters speaking and third person just comes across as pretentious.

Random & Misinformed:

The issue is that this show should be walk, but when it’s frivolous premise it often takes a misinformed and ignorant stand on several topics while it still wants to fight for the cause of women, the writing swings from being convenient and it’s joking and peachy and it’s messaging whenever it wants. a character would drunk call from a foreign land, depressed and hinting on wanting to commit suicide. And when confronted it’s casually brushed off as it was a temper tantrum.

The series deals with mental health, and a character having a grave condition that needs to be monitored and taken care of, but it’s conveniently brushed off as cured. So when it’s convenient things are politically incorrect. But otherwise it’s a joke Chill, the crazy part is when the series tries to take up too much with respect to the topics, it can focus on, and it’s this socio political route on intolerance in the country that comes out of nowhere, just to place buzz words and phrases like Prostitute and go to Pakistan, it’s important to be proud of what you are, and attempt to be a carefree breeze of a series, but in the process it tries everything but barely delivers.

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Final Verdict:

I understand that the intention of the Four More Shots Please Season 2 is honest and pure. The aim is to make you uncomfortable and break stereotypes, because they aren’t represented enough, like the LGBT community, or women with body shaming trauma, and through them communicate their daily struggles, the harsh reality is that the sequences are egregiously written to convey a message, rather than making us believe that would happen in normal circumstances.

I’ll give you an example. In the movie, Thappad to convey the inherent sexism in a man when he sees his neighbor who is a woman step out in an SUV, he asks “What Does She Do?” that itself is enough to convey the message, it’s effective and real formal short space literally gets into statistics and speeches mid conversation which made you think the writing of major sequences are literally written to focus on all spectrums of the problems identified, and to be called out, rather than designing arcs of characters.

This series will forever be a guilty pleasure, but even in that category extremely low in the pecking order, far more compelling stories that really shed light on pertinent issues faced by women in society like Angry Indian Goddesses, Made In Heaven, and even the Bindass TV show: The Trip, they’re far more superior that will leave a deeper impact on you to introspect think, and empathize this however is far, far away from being bad.

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