Fitness YouTubers You Should Follow

Hello folks, Hope you all are doing well in your life. It’s been so long i wanted to post some pending articles but didn’t get enough time, So before we start i wanna tell you what was my turning point from FAT 2 FIT. I was in Africa for my job for 2 Years meanwhile i had lot of junk and was not following any kind of routine to have food. I just start having food or junk whenever i wanted because it was easy to get from a supermarket i was working in. It was around 1.6yrs I looked at myself in a mirror and realized this is enough i need to work on myself with the limited resources i have at my home. I started following a YouTube channel BeerBiceps , and got the proper guide as a beginner form this channel. Started bicycling  for 45min on Roads at night after 9 P.M and some basic exercises i learned from this channel Also arranged my routine, sleep, food. In just 1 Month i loose 11-12KG . Now I always try to get some healthy food where i am today but it’s difficult to manage a good diet with some exercise, But i won’t give up will continue Amaze myself.

Now these are some really genuine Fitness Gurus who are giving there best to convey the fitness message to all the Indians with their online presence

1. Guru Mann Fitness (Guru Mann):

In fitness industry Guru Mann is not just only a name it’s a mark these days, he’s an advanced trainer in fitness, nutritionist and fitness author. He’s one of the reliable sources for product reviews on Indian and foreign nutrition brands.In one of his video on his YouTube channel he says Indians are going to the gym regularly but, still they’re staying unfit. That time he understood the fact that Indians hit the gym after realizing that they have health issues. This was the time, Guru Mann started educating peoples about health and fitness so that they can stay fit.

2. FitMuscle TV (Gaurav Taneja)

Gaurav Taneja is Salman Khan inspired person who started working out at when he was in school, He also used to do workout in his school before classes. From the school time he was so much interested in Nutrition & Bodybuilding and always keen to learn about it. From his college time fitness becomes part of his lifestyle. His aim is to get some basic logical information about fitness science. There is too much of garbage all over internet,and from his channel he’s trying to deliver the best content possible which could help people to stay healthy, fit and safe.

3. Beer Biceps (Ranveer Allahbadia)

Ranveer Allahbadia is the one In 2009, at the age of 16, Ranveer Allahbadia used to be a chubby kid and underwent a gallbladder removal surgery. Till 2011, he had undergone two more surgeries. At this point of life, he decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle to avoid any sort of health issue to occur in future. Ranveer belongs to a family of doctors,he was also a good student, but by the end of his engineering, he was quite sure he’s not made to do 9 to 5 job. During his fat to fit journey, Ranveer completed a certificate course with Peak Performance, a fitness academy in the gym training.

After he completed his engineering, he thought of launching a start-up in fitness and gyming with his gym coach Binny Sreedharan. One of the investors for the start-up advised them to do some social media marketing for the start-up. For that, an idea to start a YouTube channel hit him, where he could answer the fitness related queries of people who do not have many resources. In 2015, he started his YouTube channel with an introduction video and named the channel Beer Biceps.

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