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Extraction | Netflix | Movie Review

Extraction 2020 Netflix Movie Review

Chris Hemsworth Starring film Extraction started getting hype on his visit to India in November 2018. So before we began i can guarantee you that the movie name Extraction stands for extra action.

It is a real showcase for shooting and explosions and chases and all kinds of things that take place through this town of Dhaka and India.


extraction movie review 2020

Let’s began with the character of Tyler, He is a black market mercenary who has nothing left in his life. He took a dead end job, an almost impossible job to retrieve the son of Mahajan, who has been kidnapped. Asif & Mahajan are the two big drug lord or should say big drug smugglers.

Now after the extraction or after retrieving, the story takes a turn where we get to know the Dhaka city is totally locked down. Kidnappers are looking for the kid and Tyler have to save that guy come what may. Because if he don’t do so he won’t get the money for this job. Meanwhile we see the bond between Tyler and Ovi. And lot of action between Saju & Tyler.

Action & Emotions

whenever it comes to a pretty straightforward action for many creators tend to create a back story for the lead characters so that audiences can empathize with the character doesn’t ultimately wrote for them. So during the ghastly acts committed against the hero we want the main characters to win.

Rudhraksh Jaiswal Extraction 2020

In the end, that the child gets rescued, but the creativity the decision of pumping the brakes on the exhilarating screenplay and action to make you get to know who is Obi and Tyler. We get to know about the opulence in which he lives but the loveless relationship he shares with his father and flashbacks of what ifs for Tyler pertaining to his family.

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As I’ve already told you that this movie have lot of action scean, on the second hand this film holds a great grip on emmotions between Ovi & Tyler.

The Cast & Cinematography

Extraction Chris Hemsworth 2020

If you will see this movie by poster it’s a Hollywood Movie but when it comes to screenplay you can also see the desi aspect of the movie, all because of the characters like Pankaj Tripathi who is playing the character of Mahajan, Randeep Hooda as Saju and Priyanshu Painyuli as Amir Asif.

Apart from this we already know in the lead role we have Chris Hemsworth as Tyler, Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan and she is the one that gave Tyler this assignment and she’s tough as nails too, and I like their scenes together very much and she plays a key role as the movie goes on.

David Harbour and Priyanshu for the limited time that they appear on the screen do a commendable job with the written material Rudraksh Jaiswal as Ovi making sense of all the madness around him tries his best and all the twists and turns and the incessant running away from danger.

Also the camera work color palette and the way the city is captured in order to carry out the extraction will make you appreciate the technical brilliance of this film. The way this film has been shot, there is literally no time for a breather and that makes the viewing experience 10 times more exciting.

Final Verdict

The stars of the show undoubtedly are Randeep Hooda as Saju, and Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake. They possess the body language and demeanor,  that is perfect for soldiers and mercenaries respectively.

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 That are going to complete the mission at hand. The combat sequences that they share against each other and the several elements they try to eliminate so that Ovi makes it safe back home is simply captivating.

Extraction Download 720p

This movie is a treat for action fan is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish whatsoever. It’s gory it’s bloody and it’s extremely entertaining film also with its grand scale possesses a sense of realism.

So guys that it is for now my review on Extraction. Please write down in the comments below what’s your thoughts about this Netflix Movie, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right below the post. Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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