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Criminal Justice Review – Hotstar Specials

Hotstar Specials is getting its first fictional, scripted series. Criminal Justice is a remake of the critically-acclaimed British series of the same name. The Indian version of the crime drama series will star Pankaj Tripathi, Vikrant Massey, Jackie Shroff (digital debut), Rucha Inamdar, and others. Script lead for the show is Shridhar Raghavan of CID fame.

This show is a remake of the BBC series Criminal Justice that first aired in the UK on 2008. It was a five-episode series with each episode getting about an hour of runtime. The basic premise appears to be the same in both instances.

Hotstar Specials is latest original content library. Earlier this month, the company announced five new originals. Hostar Specials series will be available to stream in a total of 7 Indian languages.

Hotstar Specials’ Criminal Justice is out on the Hotstar app and website. The first episode will be available to stream free of cost, after which you have to buy the Hotstar Premium subscription service.

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Criminal Justice Story line :

Aditya Sharma is a college student doing his MBA. His family owns a First Cab (Cab Service Car) and he sometimes helps out by driving it around during surge pricing to make extra money. One night he picks up a passenger, Sanaya Rath and she leaves her phone in his cab. When he goes back to her apartment to drop the phone, they were from the same college and so she invited him into the house and they end up sleeping together after a few shots of whiskey. When Aditya wakes up, he finds that Sanaya has been stabbed multiple times, but he has no memory of it.

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The show then splits into two definitive halves –

1. one follows the criminal trial of the incident, with two lawyers in focus both of them work to prove Aditya is innocent.

2. The other follows Aditya’s journey in jail and how he transforms from a meek, lanky asthmatic kid into a Bulked-up Badass. We also find Jackie Shroff, who plays Mustafa bhai, a Godfather character in jail who seems to be the senior most and well respected, and helps Aditya transform into someone you do not want to mess with.

The legal proceedings in Criminal Justice are so dramatic, and you find yourself wanting to skip but you cant. Because of the fantastic screenplay by Pankaj Tripathi , Jackie Shroff and Vikrant Massey. All the humour in the series belongs to Tripathi’s character.

Criminal Justice 6th episode The Judgmental Day is when you’ll realize it’s almost the end of the series but till the 9th episode in which you can’t tell if Aditya is actually guilty or not.

The final reveal (Did Aditya kill Sanaya? If he didn’t, who did and what exactly happened?) You’ve to watch till the end.

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