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Cooking Guide : For Students & Employees Abroad

India is a country blessed with a huge variety of food. But for the students and the Indian communities who are working abroad for their families. It’s hard to spare some time to prepare food and have it your own. Sometimes they prepare food together however without proper guidance you’ll miss the Indian taste, but there’s nothing to worry about because today I bring some of the YouTube channels I personally follow to prepare delicious food for my colleagues living in West Africa. These channels are my guide to prepare delicious food for every age criteria from morning breakfast to night’s dinner. So let’s begin…

      Nisha Madhulika :

      Nisha Madhulika is an Indian chef and YouTube personality. She also has food columns on several websites where she contributes to Indian Express, as well as she also have her own cuisine blog where she have posted more than 200 recipes. Nisha’s speciality are mainly Indian cuisine. You can also check out her videos on indian recipies here:

NishaMadhulika : YouTube

      Hebbars Kitchen :

      Archana Hebbar started a blog, filled with her favorite recipes from home – the south Indian state of Karnataka. She had moved to Australia with her husband in 2014.But she didn’t get lot of traffic on her blog but she enjoy the 2mins cooking videos by BuzzFeed and Tasty videos comes and it’s there they got the idea to shoot videos and the response of their video was so overwarming. Now Hebbars Kitchen have their app and website where you can find all the vegetarian recipes with the super easy steps.You can also check out their videos on indian recipies here:

Hebbars Kitchen : YouTube

      Cooking Shooking:

      Yaman Agarwal started cooking at the age of 12, he used to watch people who cook on roadside stall to 7-star hotel on YouTube. And after some times he also try to shoot video preparing Butter Paneer Masala and that video was really appreciated and he got compliments for it. Now his dream to preparing all the vegetarian recipes in a professional way is available on his YouTube channel.
      You can also check out his videos on indian recipies here:
CookingShooking : YouTube

      Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana :

      Sanjeev Kapoor is a brand itself, I’m following him when I was a kid also watched her shows like Khana Khazana, Master Chef India, And his YouTube channel Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana where you will get 4 videos daily for your morning to evening hunger. You can also check out their videos on indian recipies here:
Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana : YouTube

      Bharatz kitchen:

      Bharat is a food consultant, He basically design food recipes and consult restaurants on how they can enhance recipes. Cooking has always been his passion, from helping is mother to be a YouTuber wasn’t easy for him. Bharat is sharing some easy to prepare food and fast food recipes we have outside on roadside stalls. Now thanks to bharat you can prepare at home as well. You can also check out their videos on indian recipies here:
Bharatzkitchen : YouTube
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