Thursday, April 15, 2021


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NetflixWeb Series Review

Hasmukh | Netflix | Web Series Review

So I didn't even think about tuning into the VirDas and the Ranvir show a web series Hasmukh but I gave it a try and I have to confess I was hooked from the first episode mainly due to its premise. I personally am not a huge fan of dark...
NetflixWeb Series Review

Delhi Crime – Netflix

We all know that Netflix is searching high and low around the world for its next big hit, and India is a country that it has its eye on. Last year we had series like Sacred Games & Ghoul and now we have Delhi Crime. Series one of the procedural...
NetflixWeb Series Review

Web Series Review: Selection Day

The series Selection day is based on the book of the same name by Arvind Adiga. The first episode starts off with an interesting premise. A dominating father. Two sons who secretly hate his methods. A dying school. A failing yet overconfident businessman. All held together by cricket. Radha and...
NetflixWeb Series Review

Web Series Review : Little Things 2

From the beginning of Little Things season 1 I am their big fan.I'm following Mithila Palkar since so long.So when the season 1 was launched I was pretty excited. After the success of their season 1; Dice Media decided to release season 2. Now in season 2 The series is...