Friday, January 22, 2021


best punjabi web series

Two Best Punjabi Web Series Ever Made

Punjabi movies and songs have reached heights in this generation. All it starts with Punjabi Music then Punjabi Movies and now as the industry is growing year by year, While the industry have less web series to serve us. We've watched two web series around months ago but till date...
Top 5 Punjabi Movies in 2020

Top 5 Punjabi Movies To Watch On Amazon Prime

Punjabi movies are really fun to watch anytime, anywhere in any setuation. It will set your mood up, Now don't say that you don't understand punjabi language. It's been years now we all are listing to punjabi music all the time. And most of songs in our playlist is punjabi...
indian actors hollywood movie

Top 5 Hollywood Movies With Indian Actors

Recently we have done the review of Extraction. A movie with extra action and phenomenal performance by our Indian actors like Randeep Hooda & Pankaj Tripathi. Even though Pankaj Tripathi has a small appearance in this movie in that small sequence itself the man creates his magic what an actor....
free hindi free web series

Top 5 FREE Web Series On YouTube [Dice Media]

With another extention of lockdown and have already done with all the series available on various platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar Etc. So now here we are bringing some of the best web series which are available for free on YouTube. And these web series are from the house...
netflix party google chrome

What Is Netflix Party Extension?

We've made it to Friday of our self quarantine. And if you're anything like me, you're probably a little sick of hanging out with yourself, yeah there are so many web series coming out every week like some of them we’ve reviewed. Hasmukh, Four More Shots Please, Panchayat, Asur Etc....
ramayan full episode watch online
FeaturesTV Series

Ramayan Full Episode Watch Online For Free

So you ended up with today's episode of Ramayan? And can't wait more for tomorrow's episode or want to continue taking the wisdom from Ramayan? Here I'm going to share all the episodes of Ramayan with English Subtitles so that everyone can take wisdom from this TV series, but before...

Oneplus 8 & Oneplus 8 Pro | Smartphone Review

Hey what's going on guys I'm Gaurav and today we have two new flagship devices from One Plus 8 & OnePlus 8 Pro. Well you’ll be thinking why i’m doing the review, It’s because i own a OnePlus smartphone and I’m a big fan of them. Now, as you probably...

Start Improving Yourself Today! – S01B04

Welcome to the 4th and the last blog for this series in earlier two posts's I shared about 2 things: Health & Food now as you guys aware about the things. it's time to introduce the most important element in my life. which is changing my life day by day...

Start Improving Yourself Today! -S01B02

As we discussed in the last post about how I discovered myself and here now. I would like to share some in-depth information to Start Improving Yourself Today. So the first thing to improve yourself is analyzing yourself, finding your aim, setting your goals. In my case, my first aim...
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