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Popular Hindi Podcasts on Google Podcasts

Podcasts are an upcoming trend in India, And listening to podcasts in your own language is something we should try once. I bring you some of the podcasts I personally listen in my Me Time every Sunday or before going to bed. Bolti Kitabe : This Google podcast channel by...

Popular Indian Podcasts On JioSaavn & Gaana

Gaana : Ek Rang Ishq Ka : Ek Rang Ishq Ka is one of the popular podcast on or Gaana App in this show RJ’s Like Tarique Ahmad narrate the love stories and listening to those stories is always a delight. Listen Here: Kahanibaaz : If we call...
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GULLY BOY – What to expect?

Gully Boy, the film is based on the life of indian rapper Divine and similar rappers like him. The movie features Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin and Vijay Raj. The movie’s trailer just came out and it looks pretty good. Short Review : Ranveer Singh plays the character of...
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How To: Drink Like A Pro

A pro is someone who knows all the in and out, all the hacks of drinking wether its beer, whiskey, tequila etc. I’ve worked more than 2 Years in a supermarket and you guys won't believe our supermarket was 70% food & other household stuff and 30% of liquor. And...

5 Things you must experience in your life

At this point of  life i must suggest some life experiences you must have in your life in fact you don't have to chaise them they will come to you so when you fell in any of the experience you must learn something and why so its because it'll helps...

What if cousins fall in love?

  Today is yet another topic nobody have talked about publicly or whenever we have some feelings like this so we can’t express in our society because it’s an taboo in our society, because of this it’s very rare you’ll find two cousins as a partner but what is the...
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