Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Benefits of having a Girl Best Fiend

Yes this is something i wanted to share from such a long time because their is something i’ve noticed which might make a difference between your Bro like best friend and a Girl best friend.A relationship with your Girl best friend is totally a new experience from the normal relationships you have. In short a relationship with a Girl best friend is a relationship without the jealousy factor and all the drama. She’s always good at in things such as fashion trends, emotions, feelings, and and all kind of relations.Only a girl best friend is the ideal person for the job. And having her in your life makes life more complete and more fun which is not actually a bad thing.Benefits of having a girl best friend :

1. Mostly Guys are not good at buying gifts for different occasions. Well, that’s where the girl best friend comes into the picture and helps you finding an appropriate gift by giving you a huge casket of suggestions.

2. Yet another reason why you’re still on Facebook and you notifications center is not empty From tagging you in funny MEMES to sharing ‘Personal’ jokes and quotes about your meaning for her in your life, she makes social networking fun and lovable.

3. She loves the way you are. You can be yourself around her and not be judged at all.No matter how embarrassing you may get,you’ll find her standing beside you.

4. You can call her by the most ridiculous and funny names and she won’t mind because she knows her respect and care which you hold for her in your heart.❤

5. You know you will be having arguments and terrible fights and you’ll feel like this is the end but at the end of the day you know the friendship will always be the same no matter how many times you fight.(Be ready for the taunts)

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6. You can bitch/bakchodi all your heart out in front her. She’d join in too and make that conversation fun, even if she doesn’t know the other person you’re talking about. (#BestFriendGoals)

So it’s a wrap, now you guys tell us about your friendship with your girl best friend.

Gaurav Aswani
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