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VootWeb Series Review

ASUR | Voot Select | Web Series Review

ASUR – Welcome To Your DARK SIDE

As all movies of this month have been postponed and when there are no new Friday releases to look forward to. I was constantly getting recommended the Voot Series ASUR starring Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Ridhi Dogra we just as the majority of the people in the country assume that quality content is only restricted to Amazon Prime and Netflix, but my god do I have to say what a great decision, it was to watch to Voot Select’s web series, The series starring many well-known faces focuses on a number of murders that take place in several locations all across India, and how the police CBI and more importantly the forensics department come to the bottom of the motivation of these gruesome yet calculated murders, how the series slowly unravels a deeper connection of the mindset of the bloodthirsty individual dwelling deep into Indian mythology and how it coexists in many ways and mirrors real life even today is the premise of ASUR. Here’s me telling you primarily the good, and minor hiccups in the web series so that you can ultimately decide whether it’s worth it or not, by the way, you should definitely watch it.

The Underwhelming Aspects: Gimmicky & Cartoonish

Gimmicky and cartoonish, it is undeniable that during the course of the eight episodes, you will definitely feel a jarring shift only in paths, however towards the lazy treatment of the crime and repercussions faced by the victims and especially the course of action taken by the officials. I’ll give you an example without giving anything away from the storyline, there are videos sent to the officials with no trace of the source only for the videos to present some gruesome acts these videos showcase such brilliant cinematography that you begin to wonder whether the gruesome killer had a multi-camera setup with a skilled cinematographer to capture the act. It has multiple angles and is perfectly edited.

asur web series review

Just as a good example if you remember the bone-chilling video sent by Joker from the Dark Knight, it’s a visual representation is accurate on how something gruesome would be captured the gimmicky or stereotypical portrayals of elements further proceeds into how technologically officials come to the bottom of the case just a lot of vigorous typing in cool visuals to mimic a version of hacking the portrayal of jailed reminded me of criminal justice again something vintage in hindi cinema was known for but it’s extremely over the top. These are however elements that can definitely be overlooked due to the superior writing.


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The last aspect that I found problematic there is slightly want to brush up on and something that every piece of art will suffer from is the convenience with which things are resolved, there is a sequence where officials are slaughtered with ease and precision. you wonder how the killer is doing such meticulous planning or how he even predicted basic human intent and movement the series in its latter half as well shifts to imagery and a subconscious commentary providing aid to a character in order to get out of a vulnerable situation. creative elements utilize just to quickly come to a solution. Now let’s get to why you absolutely need to watch the series.

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Everyone’s been a fan of Arshad Warsi since Munna Bhai, but the actor gets little appreciation for his exceptional dramatic roles in his filmography he is been exemplary in several firms like Sehar, Ishqiya, Jolly LLB, Arshad Warsi plays a role of Dhananjay Rajput the capable forensics official from the CBI that has his own personal demons that he is constantly battling with. the beautiful aspect to the series is that the Dhananjay is always a mystery you know he has nothing but the purest intentions to get to the bottom of the crimes but his personal life and dark past always make you develop several questions Arshad Warsi really sinks his teeth into the role, and I can’t wait for this series to progress into something bigger.

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There are commendable performances by the ensemble cast on a Anupriya Goenka as Naina Ridhi Dogra as Nusrat and especially the always brilliant Sharib Hashmi as Lolark all these characters they play a key role in uncovering the mysterious case are extremely convincing a special mention has to be given to Gaurav Arora, who plays the role of Kesar Bhardwaj, a motivational speaker that has deep knowledge about the spiritual realm he has a lot of confidence and has a comfortable demeanor in front of camera.

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Vishesh Bansal will send chills down your spine in this web series, stoic gaze in monotone delivery creates a lot of intrigue about the young boy, a character with hyperlexia and lack of social skills are tough traits for a young actor like him but he does such a phenomenal job the star of the show however is Barun Sobti as Nikhil, a man who due to professional differences pathways with the CBI but revisits India after several years, as he couldn’t help but gravitate towards what was his calling in simpler words carving up dead bodies to detect techniques of crime, his character has the most heavy lifting to do in the series revisiting his obsession that has always led to catastrophic personal consequences Barun showcases restrained even in moments of anguish and absolute conviction as a man who can objectively make drastic decisions, he is one actor that honestly deserves a lot of praise for his work in this web series.

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The Writing:

Gaurav Shuklas ASUR web series

Gaurav Shukla that has created all the eight episodes needs to be applauded for the execution of a convoluted yet tightly knit premise, the web series beautifully juxtaposes Indian mythology, the influence of the antagonist and how it manifests into the real world.The beauty of this web series is that despite its influence in the realm above and beyond just mortals it still keeps its human element in place so that audiences deeply connect with it.

Final Verdict:

This web series possesses a brilliant balance of there being anarchy but still a sense of controlled madness, there are some riveting exchanges among characters in this film that will stay with you make you genuinely introspect and actually quite deep into Indian mythology and how relevant it is in context to the real world today, specific gems including “आदमी को उसके कर्म के अनुसार फल प्राप्त होता है.”, or धर्म और परिवार की रक्षा के लिए आदमी कुछ भी कर सकता है.” And my favorite “पीड़ा से बढ़ी शिक्षा नहीं होती।”, the writing will stay with you.

I finally want to conclude by saying there is also a saturation of a lot of Indian web series that focuses on relationships and love in the contemporary world, there is nothing audiences crave more than engaging thrillers, I’ll tell you another reason why this web series stands out. Usually, the predictable trope of thrillers is that troubled individuals take revenge. They act out, and the penultimate sequence showcases a flashback to justify those actions, this web series is not that it does not in any way present things as black and white, it’s layers upon layers that make it even more compelling when I saw the antagonist, and motivations, I could easily create perils on why this series is spectacular. In this web series the Sharib Hashmi who plays the interesting character of a serial killer possess a sense of calmness by causing chaos in society, find the worthy opponent, find the weakness, and he challenges the police officials and other often loving and inviting their attention, and most importantly, even make the heroes question their own moral fabric and what they stood for us.

ASUR Welcome to your dark side precisely is that, and I guarantee you it will make you dwell and dig deep into reading about several facets, you may have never even batted an eyelid for, I’ve tried my best not to spoil anything. So guys write down in the comments below what’s your thought about the series, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram the handles right there below the post. Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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