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Angrezi Medium | Movie Review & Analysis

So the Hindi Medium has come with its second installment but with no connection to the previous for Angrezi Medium. The movie like the first film still focuses on the Indian education system and the challenges faced by parents in providing maximum opportunities to their children, but portrays an entirely different story this time.

Where the first film portrayed parents moving into a slum in order to portray they are less privileged in order to get a seat for their daughter in a reputed school. This film portrays the life of a single father Champak Bansal played by Irfan Khan that faces the monumental task of paying the tuition fees of college for his daughter Tarika played by Radhika Madam who dreams of studying in London, Aamir snacks seller in Udaipur with the help of his brother and business rival Ghasiteram Bansal played by Deepak Dobriyal partake on a journey by hook or by crook making sure tariika gets the opportunity to study in an international institution.

The hurdles they face the absolute pandemonium that takes place as they reach London where all the madness shedding light on the pure and honest relationship shared between a father and a daughter is the premise of Angrezi Medium. Here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether the movie is worth it or not.

The Dialect:

This feature is something which is a compliment to actors like Irfan khan and Deepa Dobriyal more than a dis, the first half of the movie set into the Udaipur. And as both main characters are business owners born and brought up in Rajasthan, their interactions are in marwadi. The actors perform the dialect with such ease and conviction that it is sometimes tough to keep track of what is being spoken about, and the punch lines of the comedic dialogues.

Story Setup:

The issue with the film is its length and the time taken to fully make you empathize with the main characters and on top of that, even connect with the several new characters that get introduced. The movie is two hours and 25 minutes long and should have spent its first half just developing the relationship shared between the father and their daughter and shed light on the other issues partially. The problem is the creators depict the warring businesses drunk conversations and folding secrets and complexities of corruption within the education system with equal importance. This led to the final edit of the film definitely extending and its intended impact would have been definitely way more if the sequences of the film would have been done away with specifically bringing me to the most important underwhelming aspect.

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New Characters and Subplots:

The intention of the film is extremely pure to depict the unconditional love of a father and how can make him go to any lengths to make the dreams of his daughter come true. But in that process, the director uses several tools in the form of fake passports new identities, chase sequences getting duped by friends and a broken relationship between a mother and a daughter. The problem is that even though the film’s heart is in its right place, it takes up too much in the form of new characters and subplots to come to its conclusion Pankaj Tripathi plays a character caricaturist Wheeler Dealer who sequences undoubtedly hilarious that’s the skill of the actor, but his Cameo appearance comes across as borderline silly, the appearance of Kareena Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia as characters act A bridge for the ultimate conclusion of the film as characters they do not lend several memorable moments but just act as a means to the end.

The Performances:

If the cast is so beautiful then it’s obvious that the performances of the film will be its biggest highlight. Irfan Khan is a legend. Honestly, the effortless nature with which the man speaks with his eyes is truly commendable. If you even notice the pitch of the film, it is really to perform the dialogues to an audience it demands for it to be of a certain gravitas but Irfan is one of those actors the less he do, the more he speaks with his performance his eyes as they fill up with sadness noticing the helpless state that he is in or the sheer happiness in his eyes when he sees his daughter succeed in any way. Irfan is honestly the soul of this film.

Radhika Madan star as Tarika proves yet again the hungry nature of any outsider provided an opportunity with a meaty role she possesses such warmth in her role as the inquisitive and ambitious student. Radhika is one of those actors that has time and time again proving her worth as a capable performer. These appearances slide away due to the financial performances of those But I hope in which the masses can recognize the real stars when they see this. Deeper Dobriyal is another veteran he can fits in any role his surface level torrid relationship with his brother but internally having only love for Him will definitely win you over.

The three performance carry this firm despite the innumerable twists and turns it takes in the smaller roles Kiku Sharda is brilliant being the pragmatic voices the bickering brothers are constantly at loggerheads Ranvir Shorey from the accent to the entire get up from the material that is provided to actors like Kareena and Dimple Kapadia, they do a respectable job.

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Chemistry between the Characters:

One aspect of the film that really stuck with me was a beautiful chemistry shared in the two primary relationships of the film one shared between Irfan and Radhika and the other between Irfan & Deepak. I can honestly tell you that in every frame it genuinely first I get farmers looking at his own child so full of love and pride. Be Radhika convincing her father of aspirations to study abroad for the father emotionally blackmailing her on whether she can live without him, each moment really hits you in the heart.

The interactions are also beautifully captured in the small moments, the father’s reaction to any interaction with the opposite sex, any promiscuous dressing. It’s real and on point deeper can have fun together on screen is any way to treat but I have to confess they will make you uncontrollably laugh whenever they come together, figuring out a foreign language, customs and literally improvising as things develop these veterans literally shine on screen, i also have to say that the beauty of the capable actors like the ones in this film is that they really know what to do with empty spaces a lot of the acting in this movie is how can you capitalize in those silences and make these interactions look authentic the three actors really capitalized on making each interaction seem real.

It is undeniable that the movie is of two hearts. One that sets up the beautiful relationship with a dream and the second that adds too many elements as the story transports through London. Despite this happening you should understand that the soul of the story never gets lost.

Final Verdict:

The film is a reminder to all us children, that parents always come from a place of concern and love differences arise as their perspectives come from a world and place which is their reality, and we often undermine and ridicule their opinion to be dated. Often forgetting when push comes to shove. There will always be one person on your corner cheering you on, no matter what the outcome of the several battles you face and that was it, I watched this movie yesterday and it touched my heart and thought of writing a review on it, and one more thing i wanted to share with you is just before 1 month this movie was released on 13th March 2020.

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