About Us

My name is Gaurav Aswani, and i’m the owner of this website I’m an web designer,graphic designer,blogger. This blog is started to spread awareness, answers of some questions which arise in our society but no one talk about it, human nature and social activities. And some real life inspiring stories as well.

What push me to make this blog?

  • To finding good writing skills in my hand.
  • To make a change in society via my post which touches their heart.
  • To motivate peoples via giving them inspirational stories.

My Earlier Life

I was a average student in school due to my tumor surgery’s, not so good in studies as well however i was good at computers but in 11th class i’ve misguided by one of my teacher and i choose economics. I’ve done my Software Engg. from Aptech Computer Education Pvt. Ltd.

My College Life

Everybody has their college life but due to lack of money i’ve decided to take admission in a private institute where i can get the distence learning education degree too. So i joined Aptech Computer Education,Ajmer in 2011 and this was the year i become success (For a while)* I become the second runner up in “Best Web Designer 2012″  by Aptech Present’s Techno Minds. After that i’ve done many presentations in my institute. While my college time i’ve had lot of fun with my friends, hangout as well.

What Now?

While i was in 3rd year i’ve started my virtual company “Hash Developers” and the first project i get i understand in a city like ajmer people don’t respect your work they don’t wanna spend money, they just want some static pages with the text content. Even we are ready to provide them high quality content. Well i also used to blog on whathehack.com, i started this blog with the aim of just earning online but i forget that no one can make make money in a single day so i wasn’t have writing skill on that time so i just copy the content and post it on my blog what actully happen i tried 3 times but google rejected my application because i copied content from another blogs. Now i’m ready to write on gogurav.com and to present high quality post for every single person in this world.

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