Tuesday, March 9, 2021

5 Things you must experience in your life

At this point of  life i must suggest some life experiences you must have in your life in fact you don’t have to chaise them they will come to you so when you fell in any of the experience you must learn something and why so its because it’ll helps you in your future life to stay aware and to suggest the right path to your friend or close one.


heartbreak may gives you sorrow for a while but it’ll give two things in last is life goes and there’s a long way to go in your life and someone or something better is waiting for you for sure.

2. Getting Drunk:

I’m not afraid to say that because its the best experience and getting dunked  in night where you do things you don’t remember the next day always make for great stories. Not being in your real image being totally out of controlled is must once in a life.

3. Spending alone time with yourself:

You’re the only one who knows you better your interests your powers everything which is good for you but because of surrounding you’re not able to hear your inner heart. If you’re a young the not doing well in life move out for a while spend some time with yourself enhance yourself.

4. Failure:

Yes fail once in life. Failure is the second name of success, you’ll never appreciate the success without experiencing the failure. Failure will make you strong and wiser.
Someone has well said:

failure defeats losers but it inspires winners

5. Being helping hand:

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Being a helping hand to someone is the best thing you can ever do, don’t be so proud what you have or you know. Always remember the more you share the more you gain in your life.

Gaurav Aswani
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