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5 Must Watch Web Series For College Students

college life web series

In today’s rush to earn money we all our busy doing our 9-6 job. We all have the responsibility, we all have our family to take care of. But do we realize about the time we spend in our college life was the best part of our life?

Or if you are a college student or just moving from the school towards the next step of your life, settle down a bit. And take some time to watch these amazing web series that gives you an overview of your college life. Not every college is the same nor the friends you find over there, Right.

So based on that this self watched list we’re going to share today will entertain you. As well as teach you the values of teachers, education, friends & the value of friendship.

Engineering Girls

engineering girls web series

Engineering Girls by The Timeliners this web series tells the story of 3 girls in engineering college. These girls are dedicated to work hard to make their dreams come true. Meanwhile, we see the girlish dorm drama and relationship issues between them.

This web series is available to watch on YouTube and SonyLIV.

Watch It Here: Engineering Girls

College Romance

college romance web series season 2

Another Gem from The Timeliners. This is a college romance, drama genre web series. It’s about 3 best friends in college look for love in their life, with a lot of gags in-between, and some lifelong memories to take along with them for a lifetime.

With romance and drama, this web series portrays great characters with some really funny elements & punchlines. And these elements add more interest to the audience and connects with the characters.

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This web series is available to watch on YouTube and SonyLIV.

Watch It Here: College Romance

Dosti Ka Naya Maidan

PUBG web series

2019 was full of PUBG madness and while this madness is still going on in India. PUBG MOBILE India made this web series for all the PUBG Lovers. It Shows friendship with different people from different age groups, cultures, economic segments and professions. All are coming into PUBG Mobile.

Where this game comes alive as the common point which brings all these characters together. And according to the storyline on this web series, this game brings new kinds of friendships in today’s world.

This web series is available to watch on YouTube.

Watch It Here: PUBG Dosti Ka Naya Maidan

Hostel Daze

amazon prime hostel daze web series

Amazon Prime Presents Hostel Daze is one the best web series based on hostel based college life. This web series actually captures what goes inside an engineering hostel along with the college life.

Known faces from the YouTube have done absolutely brilliant performance.

This web series is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Watch It Here: Hostel Daze

Operation MBBS

operation mbbs web series

We’ve also mentioned this web series in Top 5 FREE Web Series On YouTube [Dice Media] if you haven’t checked out yet, Why don’t you go and check these gems too from Dice Media.

Just like Engineering Girls, College Romance this web series also has 3 friends. These three friends are perusing MBBS in one of India’s known colleges. Storyline engages with the audience and you go throw their friendships, hardships as a medical student.

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This web series is available to watch on YouTube.

Watch It Here: Operation MBBS

So guys this was me Gaurav, Shared with you Top 5 College Life based web series. Please write down in the comments below your favorite one from the list above. Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles right below the post. Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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