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11 Best Stand Up Comedians In India

comedian in india

Look around you, people these days moving towards the digital platforms for entertainment. Specifically from The Kapil Sharma Show to The Stand Up Comedy. India is one of the growing audiences looking for more content on the web, such as comedy, drama, etc.

Well, stand up basically hyped in India between 2017-18 when there were shows like East India Comedy, AIB, and some other comedians who started their offline performance on YouTube. Recently we even saw Stand Up Comedy shows on OTT platforms like Netflix & Amazon. Where we enjoyed the Comicstaan S1 & S2, This is not it. We are going to share Top 11 Stand up comedians ruling over the internet with their amazing, mindboggling performances.

Zakir Khan

zakir khan

Zakir Khan has the separate fan base as compared to other comedians, his emotional attachment while storytelling is the key which everyone connects to, and throughout the storytelling, he gives the superb punchlines some funny slangs and some real facts in a humorous way and this is what makes audience give him a standing ovation.

His series on Amazon Prime Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare & Haq Se Single is still a must-watch if you’ve not seen yet.

Watch It Here: Zakir Khan Stand Up Comedy

Atul Khatri

atul khatri

Atul Khatri also is known as Horny Sindhi, From a CEO of a company to a comedian, Atul Khatri has a great sense of humor when it comes to real-life situations. According to an interview in The Hindu Atul Said “Situations in life choose me, and the life experiences that come out of them force me to choose my jokes.”

Watch It Here: Atul Khatri Stand Up Comedy

Aditi Mittal

aditi mittal

One of the greatest female Stand Up Comedians in India Aditi Mittal is someone who is not talking about the situations or things or kinds of irrelevant things. She actually passionate just for that one moment which creates a feel-good emotion among the audience.

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Watch It Here: Aditi Mittal Stand Up Comedy

Abhishek Upmanyu

abhishek upmanyu

Yes! This is the guy who is trending on YouTube for it’s laughing roller-coster comic content. The finest gem from Delhi moved to Mumbai to scale new heights with his super fast delivery and unmatched observational skills.

Watch It Here: Abhishek Upmanyu Stand Up Comedy

Rahul Dua

rahul dua

One of our favorites from Comicstaan, Rahul Dua has superb acting skills when it comes to expressions with the comic transcript. Rahul is capable of turning these funny situations into hilarious acts.

Watch It Here: Rahul Dua Stand Up Comedy

Aakash Gupta

aakash gupta

Aakash Gupta, this looks like an innocent guy from Delhi gives good gags based on bizarre yet totally relatable topics like he starts with the storytelling of himself.

where he includes family members, girlfriend, or people he mostly surrounded with. And how the communication converts into observations ranging from those characters will give make everyone laugh out loud.

Watch It Here: Aakash Gupta Stand Up Comedy

Jaspreet Singh

jaspreet singh

Jaspreet Singh is one of the comedians who connects with the audiences and make them laugh each time without failing, well-scripted punch lines at the perfect time works like magic on his audience.

Watch It Here: Jaspreet Singh Stand Up Comedy

Prashasti Singh

prashasti comicstaan

We like this amazing girl from Amethi. Why? It’s because of her genuine experience with a lot of gags sharing with the audience. that connects and talks about topics like “women related problems”.

Watch It Here: Prashasti Singh Stand Up Comedy

Ramya Ramapriya

ramya ramapriya comedian

Ramya Ramapriya is great at on topic starter comic and mostly about the sexism. she’s blunt she’s very good at telling truth about things really happen to a girl or woman. But in a very constructive way with full of hilarious segments while the show.

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Watch It Here: Ramya Ramapriya Stand Up Comedy

Parvinder Singh

parvinder singh

His video “Maine Karna Hai Ye” video on YouTube has 7.9M+ views on YouTube and one of our favorite too. Well, Parvinder Singh featured in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2017. He’s a great storyteller in Punjabi accent, he shares his real-life experiences and his perspective of looking at the world.

Watch It Here: Parvinder Singh Stand Up Comedy

Anubhav Singh Bassi

anubhav singh bassi

This 28-year-old internet comedy sensation Anubhav Singh Bassi is one of the popular young Indian comedians on YouTube with 1.6M+ Subscribers with only 3 videos. This guy makes jokes beyond family, gender kind of topic, what is does is he assign different characters with a special identity and make a great story and this is where the curiosity comes with a lot of Gags where everyone in the audience goes laugh out loud.

Watch It Here: Anubhav Singh Bassi Stand Up Comedy

So guys if you are living in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore try to track them on their social handle and give it a try to buy tickets to watch their shows. And tell us about your experience with us. Please write down in the comments below your favorite comedian, and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles are right below the post. Also please support us by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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