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10 Best Indian Web Series On YouTube

10 best web series on youtube

India has one of the biggest populations in the world and most of them are youth. And in the time where OTT platforms are giving daily premium content to their premium members with the subscription.

We are bringing you the content which is available for FREE on YouTube and also worth your time.

Soulmates on Zoom

Soulmates (2018) on IMDb
Soulmates Zoom web series watch free

Zoom TV’s Soulmates is a story of two strangers who met while their trip to Shillong. Both of them meet unexpectedly and give some really adorable vibes. In the end, will they fall in love, or maybe not. For that, we recommend you to watch this amazing drama romance web series on Zoom Official Youtube Chennel.

Watch It Here For FREE: Soulmates on Zoom

The Good Vibes on Legrand India

The Good Vibes (2018– ) on IMDb
The good vibes web series watch free

Legrand is a French industrial group and they are the largest global producer of switches and sockets. We don’t know this web series was the part of their marketing strategy or what but it really gives us a bunch of good emotions in it.

The story is about a guy name as Lakshya, who is goalless and his wife Jo is worried about him because of his unemployment and for that one another day she has to deal with her parents. Between all this how Lakshaya & Jo manages their life to stay together is a delight to watch.

Watch It Here For FREE: The Good Vibes on Legrand India

The Reunion on The Zoom Studio

The Reunion (2018– ) on IMDb
the reunion web series watch free

Another gem from Zoom, The Reunion. It’s a story of 4 friends who go back to their school after 10 years. During school times we didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. These four friends bring back the madness of their schooltime to look back to move forward in life.

Watch It Here For FREE: The Reunion on Zoom

BOMBAE on Balcony Tickets Originals

Bombae (2018– ) on IMDb
BOMBAE web series watch free

BOMBAE is one of the fresh web series we’ve watched. It’s about 4 strangers who move to Bombay for their respective careers and end up falling in big trouble. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride of them getting into one deadly plan that changes their life. What is that trouble and how they get over this? For that watch BOMBAE on Balcony Tickets Originals.

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Watch It Here For FREE: BOMBAE on Balcony Tickets Origals

Dilliwood on MensXP

Dilliwood (2017– ) on IMDb
dilliwood mensxp web series watch free

Dilliwood is a hilarious web series you must watch. It’s a story of 3 Young boys from Delhi, try to make it big in Bollywood but after getting the failed they start looking for the various opportunities in Delhi itself. If you’re ready to experience this hilarious journey, watch this series on a stretch.

Watch It Here For FREE: Dilliwood on MensXP

Official Chukyagiri on Arré

Official Chukyagiri (2016– ) on IMDb
official chukyagiri season 3

Official Chukiagiri was the 1st web series we liked the most from Arré. This web-series have the 2 Seasons and it’s a story of Spandan Chukya, “Chu*iya Nahi Chukya” is one of the catchy dialogue from this series will be stuck in your mind. Well, Spandan is an Intern from Meerut in an I.T company of Mumbai. Thinks that Mumbai is the city where all your dreams come true but as he starts working he learns every choice has a consequence and every win comes from sacrifice.

Watch It Here For FREE: Official Chukiagiri Season 1 | Offical CEOgiri (Season 2)


what the goat web series watch free

What The Goat is an interesting web series on entrepreneurship after TVF, obviously not as good as TVF Pictures but in a hilarious way it’s a worth watch. The story is about where everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, It’s a Startup Circus happening in India, and in this series we have 4 small-towners who are trying to make difference in the Startup Ecosystem.

Watch It Here For FREE: What The Goat on NEXTBIGWHAT

Mr. Das on Cheers!

Mr. Das (2019) on IMDb
mr das web series watch free

In today’s world, it’s Sad but true that all of us working hard for our careers in the corporate world and there’s a time when some things are least expected such as getting a girlfriend or a life partner. It’s a story of Mr. Das who is working in Mumbai for the last 6 years and this web series is about his life, work, hardships and finding love when you least expect it, Join his journey and enjoy this web series.

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Watch It Here For FREE: Mr. Das on Cheers!

Backpackers on Alright!

backpackers alright watch free

Solo Travelling heard about this term then you must have known that you never travel solo there is always a bunch of people or someone special you meet that makes your journey perfect and leaves you with a lot of amazing memories that stay with you forever. This short series will leave you with so much charm for the characters in it, It’s about Four travelers happen to share their life stories while covering some unplanned miles on their trip. Go give it a watch today itself.

Watch It Here For FREE: Backpackers on Alright!

Rise on Cheers!

Vikrant Massey  web series rise

Rise! is one of our team’s favorite web series, if you guys are feeling down and fed up with your jobs and want to take fresh breath to get some clarity in life. This is the web series you must go through, It’s a story of a young guy who is doing 9-6 Job and all of sudden one day his company fired him due to some financial issues and after that, the points come where his dad guides him and following that on his road trip he meets someone who teaches the important lessons of life.

Watch It Here For FREE: Rise on Cheers!

So guys that it is for now. We just shared 10 Best Web Series on YouTube. Just in case if you’ve missed Top 5 Series from Dice Media then please check now for more free Web series on YouTube. Please write down in the comments below your favorite one from the list above, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles right below the post. And Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members.

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