10 Best Hindi Dubbed Netflix Tv Shows

netflix hindi dubbed web series

As we all know Netflix is one of the popular digital platforms for watching movies & TV series. Netflix has become one of the fastest-growing digital entertainment platforms all around the world. And it’s popularity in India growing day by day.

Earlier, Most of the Netflix TV shows were available in English only. But from the last 2 years, we are able to watch Netflix’s original TV series for Indian audiences in various languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, etc.

But now Netflix also started dubbing its acclaimed TV series for Indian Public in multiple languages.

Here we are sharing Top 10 Hindi Dubbed TV Shows.


narcos season 3 in hindi, narcos season 2 in hindi, narcos web series in hindi

Narcos is the story of America’s operation on the world’s biggest drug lord, Pablo Escobar. It’s a Netflix original drama about the drug trade in Colombia. Narcos is among the highest-rated television show in history. Netflix has recently released Narcos with the Hindi language.

Watch It Here: Narcos

2.Stranger Things

millie bobby brown, finn wolfhard, stranger things season 3, stranger things season 4

Netflix’s original TV Series Stranger Things have 3 seasons and the 4th is expected this year. It’s a Horror science fiction series, The story sets in the 80s when a kid goes missing in a peaceful small town Hawkins.

Watch It Here: Stranger Things

3. Sex Education

sex education netflix, sex education season 2, sex education cast, sex education episodes

Recently released Sex Education is the highest rated TV Series on Netflix. The story is about a teenage boy whose mother is a sex therapist. He teams up with a classmate to run sex therapy sessions in school. This TV series currently have 2 season and season 3 is also expected soon.

Watch It Here: Sex Education

4. The End Of The F***ing World

the end of the f ing world, the end of the f world season 2

Based on the comic book series by Charles Forsman, This TV Series is about two 17-year-old outsiders a guy and a girl, they embark on a road trip to find the girl’s estranged father, who left home when she was just a child. This is the most likable Comedy-Drama TV series of Netflix.

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Watch It Here: The End Of The F***ing World

5. The Indian Detective

russel peters,monica diaz russell peters,peter russell comedian

This guy is our favorite, Russel Peters a Canadian stand-up comedian, actor, and producer. Playing the lead role in this series He is a cop from Toronto becomes tangled up in a murder case. How will Doug get out of all this is a worth watching.

Watch It Here: The Indian Detective

6. Never Have I Ever

never have i ever netflix, never have i ever movie netflix

Never Have I Ever is a Comedy Drama TV Series by Mindy Kaling. It’s about the first-generation Indian American teenage girl, who is full of confusions in life, want to experience things as she’s growing up.

Watch It Here: Never Have I Ever

7. Inside Bills Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

bill gates history in hindi,bill gates life story in hindi,bill gates success story in hindi

 Netflix’s Orignal this documentary is not only about the famous billionaire and celebrated tech entrepreneur Bill Gates we know. It’s beyond that, how Bill Gates is working for the world and want to bring change. The thought process, the action & tactics he applies in his life. It’s a must-watch documentary.

Watch It Here: Inside Bills Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

8. Daredevil

daredevil, daredevil 2003,marvel's daredevil

Netflix originals Daredevil is a story of a guy who manages to overcome the challenges that he faces due to him being blind since childhood, and now he’s young and ready to fight against criminals as a lawyer and Daredevil.

Watch It Here: Daredevil

9. Jessica Jones

krysten ritter, jessica jones,marvel's jessica jones

Jessica Jones is also from the makers of Daredevil the Dark Superheros. The story is about Jessica Jones who was a superhero and her career ended rather sadly. She then becomes a private investigator and often dealing with people with special abilities. 

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Watch It Here: Jessica Jones

10. Unbelievable

unbelievable netflix true story

Unbelievable is a true story based TV Series. The story is about a teenage girl who reports being raped. and How Two female detectives take upon themself to find the truth and bring justice.

Watch It Here: Unbelievable

So guys that it is for now. I hope you will enjoy watching 10 Best Hindi Dubbed Netflix TV Shows. Please write down in the comments below your favorite one from the list above, please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. The handles right below the post. And Also please support me by sharing this article with your friends and family members. And stay tuned for more Updates!

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